*a brief and very large tribute to the acting community, and Turner Movie Classics!

I can barely peel my eyes away from your fabulous programming last night.  On several fronts.  I had never seen Spencer Tracy in the Pilgrim picture?  Or Richard Burton narrating the little clip of the Sur during the making of The Sandpiper?  (One of my faves, btw — it’s been ages).

I could go on for HOURS about what I just saw, but, are you guys ever stunning.  Also Duvall?  (One of my fave, faves) — had never seen that one, and the others in it! xxoo!  This is like finding BURIED TREASURE or something?

It is to me.

By now, I know that some of you knew my Uncle Spence, and my father too.

If you had ANY IDEA hoew grateful I am to you?

You cannot know.

At any rate, what I have seen in these films is exactly the sort of my material I wanted to use in the tx planner I’m building.  I had seen a film by Walter Halsey Davis at the Conference, and I thought, “MY GOD” — this FILM!  I had been seeing a client who DID have Alz?  Not long before that — that film was INSTANT not only tx plan for incoming therapist trainees?  But also?  If you knew the number of elderly clients I saw when I worked here?

Do you know how much they treasured “the STARS” — ?

You would be giving them so MUCH of their own lives back if they could watch all this?

It’s just EXQUISITE!

I’m saying that from my HEART OUT HERE, so, you fabsters should take a BOW.

When I was growing up one of my mother’s and my fav activity was to curl up on her bed and watch movies.  Given my family system, that was how she taught me stuff?  We literally watched thousands together?  Over the years.

My literary agent will arrange DEALS to license the rights to some of this footage?

One thing — I want these two writers I met at my CONFERENCE to figure out that whole old Hollywood deal where everyone who works on the films gets properly paid scale, GUILDS, all of that?  Residuals?  You know what I mean.

As for you STARS?  OMG.  You have NO IDEA how much your fans want to see of you?  That piece on that era in Taylor and Burton’s life?  My mother was the same generation as Elizabeth Taylor.  She was down at Mismaloya when the film was being shot?


You are our STARS in America?

You are.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t even an actor anymore?

To us you are that Star we saw?  You are!


There is nobody else like you guys?  There just isn’t.

2 thoughts on “*a brief and very large tribute to the acting community, and Turner Movie Classics!

  1. Thank you for reminding me of this channel. Thursday night I will watch one of my favorites. Mrs. Miniver.
    I forgot why I quit watching some movies of our gen. Many are depressing; others well…. Junk. Not all. Of course. But when I watch a movie I don’t want to be plunged into ugly. My nephew took me to some blood awful film with Brad Pitt. I was well…mesmerized that people found it funny. Someone wrote once ( and I don’t remember who) that the younger generation were being conditioned to chaos, horror and no beauty because that was going to be the world they inherit. In the UK they are playing Mozart as punishment for kids and to deter loitering Classical music such as Mozart builds dendrites . Develops the brain for universal mind receptivity. So these children will only know one color of that prism you put here. What will be their connection with life and nature?


  2. What I love about you is your imagination. Not all I love about you. You have a poetry in some sentences you write. I think you should also write what is fun. Poof.


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