love, since the beginning of time

the two of you have saved my life, if this is all true?

the way I will know it is? — is if you leaves those purple orchids and glads I saw this morning up in Sycamore Canyon when I was trying to find my way back to Walters?

if not?  then I have def lost my marbles…..

the gnome, and the closeline in the back yard did it?

because if somebody had bought that place?

the garage wouldn’t look like that?

they would have moved in?

I was at a show in LA Mus d’Art with some raushenbergs years ago and there was an installation of a garage just like that one.

The last time at that house?

Something happened and I remembered something?

and now I remember more and I have our picture from Allendale.

we must have known each other?

many moons ago?

I shall never be parted from the two of you.

not ever.

I owe you my life.

I’m going to get some paper lanterns in the very great hope, I see those flowers by the gnome?

I love you,


nous et antinous

pax mundial

pax spiritual

I’ll have to explain, someday, what happened after I met you?

all the magic parts

& all the parts that were mystic

or gnostic.

…….if I can?…….

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