THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING (scene 7) new characters — DV in wealthy family systems

So, DV happens across the board in all races and family systems.  It will not be happening with JASPER and STEWIE — they are a gay heroic couple.  JASPER sometimes cruises SELMA in HOLLYWOOD and picks someone up?  I will be showing it in gay population in one of these temporary boyfriends.

I want to set it up in the Black Family system — now, and build to it as well in the Latino Family System.  Tommorrow, I’ll show it in a couple who are under intense economic pressure because they have lost their jobs and stand to lose everything they have ever worked for.

I’m thinking of this character as the elderly father:

He could have a daughter that is very rich?  Very bossy, and uses intimidation and punching to get her point across.

Since this is NOT something this character probably does — casting her in this is against type — but for a reason!

I saw her in the movie THE COLOR PURPLE ages ago and she was fantastic as this:

so, in this part, she would play the opposite character than she is or we as the public know her?


*backstory notes for Latreece.  She runs an advertising agency in Hollywood.  One of the most famous in town.  She is friends with JASPER and STEWIE and moves in top Hwood circles, but, no one knows her FAMILY SECRET.  Her elderly father (in a wheel chair) lives with she and her husband in a mansion in Palos Verdes.

LATREECE lives in a big modern manse like this?

LATREECE came from a poor family.  She has had to claw her way to the top — in the ad biz.  She and her husband have no children.  She has white servants.  Her father lives with them.

*note on the story so far — I also have these fabster characters from East LA?  But somehow I lost those scenes by pressing the wrong button around here by accident.

carrying on….


6 thoughts on “THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING (scene 7) new characters — DV in wealthy family systems

  1. I know you have seen him but? I put this here just in case you missed it.
    Beautiful your post today. The dove which descended from heaven .
    Blessings to your trine.

    Your friend



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