Why am I selling off THE VELVET BABE — my character…

The VB was one of the most popular characters I’ve written.  For the male audience.  Because of my father, Bob Vosse — believe me, I know how much it is worth if branded correctly.  I have already released this one, and now I am ready to do the next one.

I developed VB during the research project I was doing called THE ALCHEMY PROJECT — because of what I had seen in the web in terms of P*ORNOGRAPHIC imagery?  A lot of the stories I was reading on the writer’s list I was on?  The content was doubleplus Kraft Ebbing — as if it had been unleashed.

The Velvet Babe was a “norm” ——?

She can also be presented in a COMIC BOOK fashion?

I purposely left out details of her Look and physicality — so she is a fantasy?

This is why she comes in so many different looks.

For the first story “TIMELESS” I thought of this actress? And so it’s the same for this next story!

She could work in this one, given the costumes?  and the way she looks…

My old editor Bob Buckley loved this one… The Velvet Babe in “Dangerous”

I wanted to help my friend Rodger Jacobs aka (Martin Brimmer) by making him the screenwriter on her.  She is going to make a fortune is what I consider a disgusting industry?  I don’t want to see her presented in a shoddy way.  She is funny, quirky and most of all ELEGANT?  So this is the second story I am releasing to Rodg and Agent Ken.

I am selling these stories so that I can raise money to make the therapeutic films I want to make?


Also?  I do believe VB will lessen the need for so much Viagra in the male population?  That is the homeopathic therapisty me talking.

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