Luxe and crisp white sheets

fab scented candles or incense only

fresh flowers

breakfast in bed


striped sling chairs and umbrellas

televisions behind louvered doors

sound by boze (tiny)

look is french/american sailor

bars named for famous writers

piano bar like the old Somerset

old Chanticleer

old Impresario

that sort of thing…..

those fab candles at Cantwells, omg.

guest takes those home after memorable evening of intense fantasy — moonlit stroll & romance.

food is tapas/Sly’s/italian/french



Adirondack chairs

paper lanterns with colored light bulbs inside

pure cotton bedding made USA — blankets, sheets, flannel sheets, towels, comforters VB monogram.

landscaping edible/organic

burl slab tables

french bistro

clean seabreezy theme under stars


little candies on pillows!  like thos fab mozart one at C’s yesterday.

*thinking of press The Evening Star/ The Morning Sun?

could use Western Web to print — find sustainable paper?


notes on lighting

manly little burl tables for cocktails?  made here…

lamps del surf

absolute yum above link…. manly and also papa hemingway daquiri

some painters

one of my dad’s films, early…

another one!

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