THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING (scene 8) — backstory & interventions for LATREECE

There is a method to my madness around here, especially with LATREECE.  During the election some things came up with a certain pastor and I couldn’t understand — so I began to research things on Liberation Theology.

LATREECE can open the dialogue on all of this?

We have established Cosby as elderly father, and she needs a husband.  LATREECE is a POWERHOUSE AD AGENCY OWNER in HOLLYWOOD, but, she had to do all this herself.  Sometimes she has a very short fuse?  (Am establishing “minor” DV episode with Latreece’s family system)  She has been known to hurl things, break a vase or two if mad?)

LATREECE  collects AFRICAN ART, especially things from the YORUBA tribe.

(so did my own mother!) YEP.

So, the manse we saw on the outside is like this big expensive remodel that looks showy?

INSIDE the rooms are stuffed!  With African Art, Masks, Baskets, Amber Necklaces and so forth…

INSIDE the HOUSE is her SOUL speaking?

I want her to have these three friends — so they have cameos?  Here they are!

Jeremiah Wright

Jesse Jackson

James David Manning

LATREECE is going to be taking Jeremiah to STEWIE and JASPERS PURPLE PARTY — it’s a costume party for Hwood bigwigs — and JEREMIAH will be playing himself (as crusty, fiery, sermony as he is in real life!)

We will need some gospel singers as well on this?

*Author’s note:  Mama Pat (who has since passed) was beloved in my town.  BELOVED.  By all.

Someone LOCAL I want to have a cameo, too?  Coach Chuck from here, one of the finest coaches I think I have ever seen?

Coach Chuck can just be himself, shot on location doing what he does for those kids.  When you see him?  OMG.  If I had had a coach like that in childhood?  If only.  That is who he is.

I had mentioned that I was going to make some religious interventions in this film!

In this case, JEREMIAH is going to get in a fuss over JASPERS BEDROOM BUDDHA.

JEREMIAH has been trying to convert LATREECE away from her YORUBA GOD that she worships — because he wants her to worship this instead. LATREECE is just as fiery as he is when her ire is up!  Hands on her hips, sassing him right back….

I’d like to, if I can, give a cameo to Glen Ford of BAR — he can be a writer? or?  Just himself.  When I read him I hear the voice of my generation, I really do.

So, we are going to set up all these religious arguements crossculturally as funny?  Humor?  But!  Also show the importance of all these things.  FILM IS RICH AND POOR, DV as it exisits in all forms across all cultures and genders plus!  The panoply of religions from all over!


*prays to Stanley Kubrick* and know that I am a therapist so I know what I am doing on these interventions — that is why the cast is so important right now.  LATREECE and SAINT FRANCES OF THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN are SEMINAL PLAYERS.

Everyone is?  But the WOMEN in these two parts are huge!

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