THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING (scene 9) — Los Fabsters Romanticos of the HOLLYWOOD SIGN

(this is the part I deleted by accident the other day — no probs) — Los Fabsters are Latinos with massive soul and a few old friends of theirs…

LOS FABSTERS are LA Car Culture — EAST LA.  Playing themselves:

One of these fabsters is divoriced, one in a long marriage with lots of kids.  His house is PARTY CENTRAL with pinatas, everything.  At his house everyday is a celebration.  His old friend is a Vietnam Vet?  They are old, old, old BEST FRIENDS.

This is one of their friends, playing himself again as this?

He is a surfing fabster old Calif style… border crosser to TJ/Baja for the surf!

The top two cruise around LA making eyes at women from their cars — Lowrider cars?  They all ride together in each other’s car different times.  Some things they have in common are not caring too much about money?  They are totally corazon centered?

They don’t have a “view” from the little houses they live in, and so, sometimes they drive up to the HOLLYWOOD SIGN to have a smoke and watch the sunset.  The part of the Hollywood sign where they go does not have the homeless camps where ST. FRANCES lives?  So they don’t encounter her yet, but they will.

When they are hanging out, they go for carnitas and beer and they know where to find the best in town.  They each have guitars — and as they cruise around one will be doing an informal jam?  Or?  If all three don’t play then something else maracas or?

*Author note — they are going to be meeting some more fabsters like themselves — down in Marina del R. later.  Our HERO will be traveling on his horse across town, learning life lessons as he goes and he will be meeting these guys…. yep.

The actors can think up nicknames for themselves like Jefe, Paco — whatever they want?


We see the fabsters in one of their cars all tricked out.  On the dashboard is a Mexican candle of a Saint of Choice or the Virgin Mary?  You choose.  Each fabster has his own belief system and they do not argue about this.  They are very old friends.

We see them ogling all the pretty girls and making catcalls and doing tricks to impress?  They are mucho SUAVE….

all three BORN ROMANTICS…. (which can lead them into trouble at times)

This song is known to all of them.  They know how to set a mood when they are with a woman.  It’s one woman/relationship at a time for these three — even though they ogle EVERYBODY! (just in case)………! xxoo!


strumming guitar during the cruise

I’m starving.


flips on the radio

this is playing


Carnitas, man

They are cruising heading to find place to eat, ogling all the way


next song comes on radio — it’s this


lights a cigarette

Carlos, man.  Carlos.


THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING — by Valentine Bonnaire — copyright 2010 — all rights reserved

*SURFIN FABSTER — maybe he drives an old VW bus? — top two fabsters are totally into their tricked out cars — they will go in his, but grumbly if have to — CARS ARE THEIR LIFE! (top two!)………………

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