THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING (scene 10) — Sistah and the “muchkins” feed our HERO

Carrying on from scene 4


Sistah begins to riffle through some boxes for pots and pans.

Mistah can you fetch me some of that firewood


Hungover and wobbly, smoothes his new Viking outfit, which looks a lot like this:

His steed is tied to a clump of chapparral.  He wanders off to collect bits of wood for Sistah.

Sistah pulls out a collection of battered tin and enamel cups, some plates, and her few cooking implements.  She has an old grate placed over a small firering for her stove.

The muchkins begin to arrive one by one.  Each has something to contribute to the meal.  They are smiling shyly at Sistah as they drop off the bounty they scavenged.


Land sake’s, what have we here?


Arrives at edge of camp and drops the sticks in surprise when he sees the meal.  The kid’s have brought cans of things and whatever they could find — all this is in a heap before Sistah.  They stand close to her, watching him, heads cocked.


Fetch me some of those blankets my muchkins

They spread the blankets out on the ground, and Sistah gets the fire going as she empties a little bit of everything into a large pot.  She’s making a kind of mystery stew…

C’mon Viking, sit down.

You look like you’ve been through the mill.


Moves near the little fire and takes his place on the blanket.

I guess so.

Smiles at Sistah and the kids.


Mistah can I pet your horse



The kids move off to where the horse is tied, amazed by the mane and tail.  Sistah slowly stirs the pot, smiling at him.  Hee begins to sniff the air.  It smells good.


THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING — by Valentine Bonnaire — copyright 2010 — all rights reserved

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