swirls, paper lanterns, parasols

Yesterday, I went back to the beach.  My fave little beach where all I need is a spot, the sea and the sun.  This is complete happiness for me.  A beach chair, a striped umbrella.

I really wanted that house.

I need the atmosphere there.  I really do.

Taking a break from writing, today.

I am very serious about selling my character THE VELVET BABE.

I really feel I need to be taken seriously, at this point in life.

Having many memories float up for the memoir, all day long.

Yesterday, at the beach.

I need some freedom.

3 thoughts on “swirls, paper lanterns, parasols

  1. Yes to be free. Reminds me always of a dream I had in my early twenties that formed and shaped all my life which followed. “the hardest and easiest task on earth” so a white haired man told me. There was a woman who represented knowledge–so freedom was about love and knowledge.

    Oh I wish I coul have been there by the ocean. I remember the sand on your floorboards and the canvases in the backseat. Glad you touched your
    world.–one of many. Here it rained in the early morning and I stood out in it in the dark.


  2. Oh how nice Bonnaire. Well I would love to take that drive on the coast heading north and stay along the way–and I want to see the redwoods that were so magical to me when I was a child. Of course wherever you would want to go. Since you would know. Oh. And ciopino. There is a place I saw that makes it north of Monterrey. Most of all I would enjoy your company. An adventure. I love adventures.


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