Ecopsychology — expanded genogram 1910 — 2010 — Book of Hearts

We had been looking at the genogram last time in terms of drug use and trying to pin down along matrilinial and patrilinial lines based on this timeframe.


You can read that here by clicking this link…

Let’s look at the genogram this time in terms of this.

Because of a news story that has recently come to light.  I’m going to link to Treehugger on this.

My theory along this genogram is interested in looking at medications, especially those prescribed since 1960.  We looked at those at the top link.

I want to trace two lines throught the genogram to determine why this is an outcome circa 2010 by using cultural surround and potential chemical cocktails that may be in the bloodstream or in utero?

Let’s draw a new genogram template and look at radical feminism via this book.

I recall in the mid-70’s the first operation I knew of?


One of the reasons I want to use 1970 as a marker is because of this operation, but also other “transformative” operations people have undergone?

The question is a search for self in  “the mirror” —

As we think about “mirroring” in terms of Kohut and cultural surround what is the media doing that is helping to shape this?

An interesting video is here, to watch:

a new term:

another vid;


This is the operation I remember from the 70’s.

When I began thinking about THE ALCHEMY PROJECT I was writing on a writer’s list for literary erotica.  It was the top place in the web.  Except, I had been trained at Pacifica in Narrative, so, I did depth reads of some of the fiction as I was critiquing stories.  Sometimes the content really bothered me?  I asked whether the writers might be concerned if people might hurt themselves?  Some writers said “I need the money, so who cares?”

After hearing that, I began to research?

I saw what was in the web.

We can narrow the genogram — like this:


The years between 1970 and 2010 is a 40 year period.

I followed this story over at The Los Angeles Times.

Here is a video to watch showing two generations — we  can use the timeline from 1970 — 2010, here, as it will encompass both.

In this forty year period we see the rise also of “cosmetic alterations.”

Here is a video on that…

My question overall is to find the roots of this need to tranform the self as mirrored self-object and how that need arose primarily from 1970 forward.

Here is another video:

Things to insert as cultural surround in this era depicted above would be AIDS in terms of the 1980’s.

Why I am looking at this is because of an article I saw on Salon during my research?

That is here at this link, so you can click and read…

As I was writing alongside the others, there was very little heterosexual writing?

And nothing in terms of the concept of LOVE?

So I began to insert that into my fiction as lived real experience.  My novel HEART OF CLOUDS is a coming of age tale based on how that looked in the 1970’s?  My generation of the tail end Baby Boom were all coming of age in the late 1970’s.

Perhaps in November, I will continue the coming of age tale of my character Teenie Alexander.  I want to write interventions into the story precisely because of the Salon article above.

We can narrow the genogram even further…


What is going on generationally between 1990–2010?

In terms of the above research and cultural surround.

It would be interesting to view this film in light of that.




8 thoughts on “Ecopsychology — expanded genogram 1910 — 2010 — Book of Hearts

  1. I hve been here several times today reading from my I phone until my computer is fixed. Very interesting article here with much to think about
    kohut’s tripartate self? I wonder if the gurdjieff/ouspensky 3 story house has any parallels. That entered my mind. When I was driving from the store the other thought as I pondered you article was simply that we as human beings don’t fit in neat little boxes? And neither does love. So what meets the eye is one thing and what fills our hearts? Another.
    I think st. Exupery nailed it.


  2. here! This quote I love so much. “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

    St. Exupery


  3. Finally finished reading this and looking at the videos. Justcsaw the body piercing one and the woman with all the surgery . I guess people some anyway utilize medicine to the extreme. What about the doctors? It would be somewhat difficult to have dinner with someone with their earlobes stretched to their shoulders? But? I stand by Exupery? If a modern person wants to look like a yanamamo? They have issues.

    Ah but don’t we all? So. You don’t have to post my thoughts. They don’t do justice to your post. Except Exupery.


    1. the genogram I am making for depth psych is tracing eras, and “self” as mirror?
      that might not make too much sense, but, this “marking” is a distinct thing that started with tattoos — and moved on to this other…
      once you posted a great video and I can’t find it — but in a way it is crucial for this part of my research on TG peoples — it was somebody lecturing on the “why” of it and it came from a research place I think? In Colorado? It was about the sacrifice of TG people to right things spiritually? I never forgot it! Almost that they had to go out in “space”— wish I could find it.

      ps: he took away the phone but I have a new one so I can call and I will tonight later, after 9 and give you #.
      Geez. It was HELL not being able to blog and visit people I know! Drat.


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