two beautiful things…

One is the exhibit I saw called Ashes and Snow.  Here is the link to that!

The other is my teacher Osha.

Here she is!

I have much faith in the practice of yoga to heal things.  In the body, but also mentally.  The right yoga teachers are like good therapists?  Their love shines through them like lights?

Osha is one such teacher.

When I saw the imagery in the work of art above, it resonated so deeply with me I didn’t even have words.

I didn’t.

That is what an exquisite work of art it is!

Seeing the imagery in the web and hearing the music is bringing that experience back to me.

Treasure the beauty!

17 thoughts on “two beautiful things…

  1. I am so weary but this is uplifting. Thank you. I wrote to you last night when I couldn’t sleep or log on the web. It’s a long and rambling letter I typed without editing. Just a sentence or two below. I will call real soon.

      Still I do believe that Something beautiful has to rise above each age (so I say to myself) even like a heart of clouds.

    Love elevates us this way.


  2. Song, I forgot to tell you something. When you sent me those Rumi hands as art it incorporated images from this show I saw?

    It was so strange that you also knew it? To me!

    It was in that basket for Walter I told you about. When you put it? I was, “Do I know you?” — that is how sacred this exhibit was to me! It was!


  3. I finally got some rest after weeks. Slept today on and off. Finally for one day~~peace. I can’t tell you how awful these days have been. Nope. So. I won’t.
    I want to call you tonight but it’s too late. So tomorrow? I’ll call you around ten to ten thirty.
    It’s cooling off here too? Only 100 degrees. But the evening in the 80’s.

    It’s almost been a year since we met. Can you believe that?


    1. A year! But we have known each other in here for several! I’m sorry things are so difficult. Call anytime? I’m here. I’ll be here ten to ten thirty! I’m just writing a little. It would be so fun to drive out. It would.


  4. I feel sometimes as though I have always known you Bonnaire. For some reason I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Some things you understand that I don’t. Dynamics and such.

    Now I know why they never came to hear me sing.

    Oh well. Maybe I will sing again Bonnaire. Maybe I’ll make a CD for you if I can remember how to record on my studio. Or maybe someday I’ll sing a song for you at the ocean.

    Thank you. Love to you



  5. Nope don’t think so. Ha! But sounds wonderfully fun. Btw sepia is good but don’t know why you would do a whole movie that way. But that’s going to be between you and W. Obviously you have a fine talent as well for details and design. Exquisite taste yourself


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