HEART OF CLOUDS — how mysterious it all is…

I really wrote the novel from a very heart-centered place last year in NaNoWriMo.  To show you how Jung felt about the collective unconscious?  The other day I was up at one of my fave bookstores at the Vedanta Temple and I bought my second copy of this book:


This book above has a picture of the heart of clouds in it!  I bought this book when one of my dearest people in the entire world passed.  It’s a children’s book, actually.  But, for me it was a way I could understand why I had to lose someone like my friend.  It was as if he had laid it in my path and I could find it.  When my mother passed away, I saw a therapist briefly at the Hospice here.  I gave her my copy of the book so that they would have it for children coping with grief and loss.

I could never find another copy of it again.  It’s been ten years.  But I found it again just last week.  It was there, as if Valdez had put it again in my path.

I reread it.

The Heart of Clouds was inside it!  Only I had forgotten!

Seeing it again made me cry.  But I realized that my own book came from that same sort of place.

In the month of November I’ll be growing my character Teenie Alexander up.  I’m going to write children’s books of her life!  (With all the things I can remember from my own years as a teen girl!)

After HEART OF CLOUDS, there will be other hearts as titles!

So anyway, that is November.  Upcoming.

Yesterday, I walked my fave beach ever and it is covered with stones!  I mean new stones where there have never been any stones.  It was literally alchemic.  That beach has undergone a sea change.

It’s a good beach for me.  Maybe my own heart is on that beach?  I think so.  One day soon I will be living there, and that is why I wanted that little house so much.  It was me.  Just me.

I need a place for myself.  My garden, my taste, my friends, my paper lanterns.  And my art.

I can’t do it here.  I’m smothered here.  It’s always been like that creatively.

Anyway, those stones!  Amazing.  I can’t wait to sketch and paint them.  I feel alive when I do that.  Alive!

I thought I’d repost my old wave..

It makes me happy to be on the sand there like you can’t even believe.

I don’t know how I survived that Pluto conjunct Saturn transit.  I really don’t.

It was Karmic.

So is Pluto conjunct Venus, right now.

Better.  More beautiful.  Transcendent magic.  Alchemy.

a pacific wave o' mine

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