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The NYT ran the following article on children and medications.

I have written extensively about a genogram I am developing to assess.  One of the last clients I saw at FSA had no internal sense of self.  Only fragmentation.  I had written a paper while at school on child development and pre-scripted games.  Sardello had talked about resultant sociopathy.  The genogram looks at eras:


We can track what has happened generationally along this timeline.

AT FSA, my consulting psychiatrist talked about a two year old on Prozac.  When we read the story above we get a sense of the medications that have been prescribed.  If we look at what medicine looked like in the 70’s for children?  It’s different.

One technique I used was Art and Narrative with children.

It worked, very well.

How a therapist might use this paradigm is like this.  The generation born in the 80’s forward spends immense time in the web, and so, because of Google and all the images one has access to that are in the web — if a child can’t draw or scan in something, they might simply latch onto an image?  Or a piece of music to describe and emotional state?

Because of “Cloud Computing” — the narrative part of the blog forms a picture — in words.  When it is turned on, on the face of the blog.  This is very good as a diagnostic tool for therapists.  One might spot problems, easily.

This blog is made with the theme Vigilance.  It’s very easy and also very clean as a palette for a client.

The blog is like a scroll of sorts.  Almost a process Journal, only live.  Because of some of the things I have seen in the web as regards the generation of EMO children (a reference is here)

And because of the themes presented in a video such as this

Therapists will be able to make contact with the client’s internal world via art and narrative.

Here is how that might work in this paradigm.

Therapist asks client to post a picture of self, or song that represents self?

And then blog a little about that picture.

With the word clouds turned on for the narrative it will be easy to spot things.  To give you an example of what a word cloud looks like, I’ll use Wordle to create one for the words I have written so far.

WordPress has these clouds as a feature in their blogs.  Here is Wordle.

Here is the Word Cloud that Wordle made of the text in this blog post.

By having the Word Clouds turned on in WordPress the effect is the same.  As the blog builds, the clouds expand.  The generation I am referencing of children above has possibly been overmedicated like with the article off NYT.  I am concerned for two things in that generation in terms of reality testing and suicidal ideation.  It’s quite a large group, globally.

Let me give you an example of how a post might be done, below.

A therapist might ask “how do you feel today?”

The client could scan in a drawing (would be best) or maybe grab a picture from the web!

I feel like this, today…

The visuals will allow assessment on the therapist’s part.

The therapist would then assign some writing?

Say for five minutes about the picture.

Between the picture and the narrative plus the clouds, one can have an idea of the internal world.

Books I read at Pacifica for syllabus:

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