Testing the WordPress share button, and a book reference!

The concepts in this book might save the world?  I’ve been meaning to read it.  The Wikipedia has it fully unpacked over here:

The Clash of Civilizations

Huntington began his thinking by surveying the diverse theories about the nature of global politics in the post-Cold War period. Some theorists and writers argued that human rights, liberal democracy and capitalist free market economy had become the only remaining ideological alternative for nations in the post-Cold War world. Specifically, Francis Fukuyama argued that the world had reached the ‘end of history‘ in a Hegelian sense.

Huntington believed that while the age of ideology had ended, the world had only reverted to a normal state of affairs characterized by cultural conflict. In his thesis, he argued that the primary axis of conflict in the future will be along cultural and religious lines.

As an extension, he posits that the concept of different civilizations, as the highest rank of cultural identity, will become increasingly useful in analyzing the potential for conflict.

In the 1993 Foreign Affairs article, Huntington writes:

It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future.[2]

In the end of the article, he writes:

This is not to advocate the desirability of conflicts between civilizations. It is to set forth descriptive hypothesis as to what the future may be like.[2]
It seems to me, that the world must make peace with itself.

Or at least try.

I saw this on the news last night.

When people used to emigrate to other countries, they assimilated.

Circa 2010, it seems this is not the case.

But, once upon a time people traveled to see other cultures.  That was the whole point of traveling in the first place!

My whole generation saw this!

Disneyland’s famous “It’s a small world.”

People used to share their cultures with visiting foreigners?

Doesn’t it make more sense to PRESERVE culture where it exists?

After you watch the Disney video think about that.

Global scholars and Global Diplomats should put their heads together on this one, soon.

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