THE SEA HEART — novel to follow last year’s HEART OF CLOUDS — VB-Demoiselle in NaNoWriMo 2010…

Going to be penning a new 50,000 word novel in this year’s NaNoWriMo, and already thinking of the themes for my character Teenie Alexander.  Last year I wrote HEART OF CLOUDS, and Tut had given Teenie one of the secret keys.  It was a sea heart!  That he laid on top of the magical book he gave her that had lain at the bottom of the sea for years and years.

I just saw this beautiful image in the web!

Imagine the sea heart as coming from this place!  Just where the horizon meets the sky!

The magic Tut left the heart with Teenie on purpose, in HEART OF CLOUDS.

This year Teenie will be 14 years old.  And THE SEA HEART will be about what happens next…

I’ll be making up my own banner as I did last year, but just like last year it helps to see a beautiful image somebody else did in the web — as a muse!  Or?  A mystic portal!

making up some banners…

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