The love that resides at the bottom of the sea, lies in you, lives in me.

The light that resides in the highest cloud shapes the heart that lives at the bottom of the sea. The light in you, the light in me.

In the deepest shell at the bottom of the sea and the brightest star that resides in the sky, a truth is beheld between you and I.

The pearl that lies at the bottom of the sea is the heart of the sun in the windswept sky.


5 thoughts on “l’alchimie

  1. Beautiful Bonnaire. I love this.


    “through the unknown, remembered gate
    When the last of earth left to discover
    Is that which was the beginning;
    At the source of the longest river
    The voice of the hidden waterfall
    And the children in the apple-tree
    Not known, because not looked for
    But heard, half heard, in the stillness
    Between two waves of the sea.

    Quick now, here, now, always—
    A condition of complete simplicity
    (Costing not less than everything)
    And all shall be well and
    All manner of thing shall be well
    When the tongues of flame are in-folded
    Into the crowned knot of fire
    And the fire and the rose are one.”

    T.S. Eliot


  2. Well I wanted to give you something back that answered your beautiful post. The music. The poetry. Your power heart and mind. This writing of yours was lyrical and transporting. I read it many times. And then the music which followed? Oh my.


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