Nine years after…

Yesterday was a very sad day for me.  It isn’t just the seasonal turning of Autumn, but the remembrance of 9/11 and the things that happened not just that day — but the decade.  I want to direct you to a blog I follow and a post I read this morning because it captures what so many Americans are feeling about the much needed “Sacred Narrative.”

After reading my friend and blogger Uppity Woman yesterday, here:

And then looking at this movie?

I’m just stymied.  I really am.  It is very difficult for me to believe in the Democratic Party.  I did for years.  Years and years and years.

Hypocrisy.  A perfect word, after watching that trailer.

I watched this film after it came out.

And now I have seen the trailer that the young documentarian above made.


No wonder I’m finding it hard to have any respect at all.  For hypocrites.

People wonder what the TEA PARTY means?  I’m not completely sure myself.  I used to love Moore’s films — since the first one.  I believed in Gore too.

I’m not sure who to believe in anymore in politics.

Is there someone trustworthy?

I’m sick of politicians who are more interested in their own celebrity than in taking care of this country of ours.  That goes for the top two political parties in this country.  Democratic and Republican.

The last Democrat I actually feel I can believe in is Jerry Brown.  As for the rest?  I’m soured on them.  Really.

Where is the sacred narrative when it comes to our politicians?

We need one.

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