FEMINISM 2010 in American Politics.

It’s disgusting.

It’s non-feminism and non-sisterhood.


Take a listen:

I agree with Hillary Clinton.

I am very unclear on the stances being taken by Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina and Sharon Angle.

What kind of insane political angling is this?

That a woman who has been incested or raped should bear a child as an act of God’s will?

Get your feminism straight.

If you plan to be in politics.  You are going to be responsible for many, many women.

Given the state of poverty in America and the fact that homeless women are giving birth and raising children under shrubs in this country who the fuck do you think you are?

Listen to Hillary Clinton speak about Family Planning:

It is disgusting to me as a feminist to watch the antics of REPUBLICAN BOOMER WOMEN tea partying around this issue.  As for Palin or any other woman who believes that incest and rape are God’s plan?

What might be a good idea at this point?

Let’s hear Michelle Obama speak.  As a Democrat.  As a woman.

It may be “hell” to have to be a First Lady, but, her particular place in First-Ladydom circa 2010 is giving her a great opportunity right in this minute.

I’m going to assume that we share FEMINIST VALUES.

I hope so.

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