I just made a really large posting, about what it has been like to be a member of the Second Wave feminists, between the Second and Third Wave in America.


I think it has been censored.  Which is a shame, because I gave many references as a scholar and used works of art from the Wikipedia.

The fact that is was censored shows me that we do live in an era of pfhallocentrism. (See, I edited that by adding the f).

It’s important for women in 2010 to look at where that concept is going.

It is.

Especially if you are a humanist feminist.

Here is how I feel about censorship in terms of what just happened:

At any rate, Kubrick was a visionary when he made that film.  He foresaw what was coming with the film 2001, years before 2001.

If you are going to censor feminist writing in the web because you feel you are the overarching patriarchy, well?

To bad for you.

Here is your future:

On the other hand?

Maybe some of you just learned reams about Second Wave human women, by reading that last post of mine.

If so?


It probably blew a few of your circuits, but?  It’s true!



A feminist.

2 thoughts on “Feminism

  1. Thought I’d come visit your blog, Valentine. Good job. I am a second wave feminist who also stood in the rain and snow and protested. President of a local NOW chapter and a state NOW chapter. I wonder what will happen in the future. Obama certainly changed things and set feminism back years. It will be interesting to keep watching to see what happens.


    1. Senneth, what a mess it all is. I watched your videos the other day, researched, and saw the deeper things going on. Thanks for coming by. I just assumed that Dems would vote for Hillary, given feminism. It has been very heartbreaking to me, especially watching the big “co-opt” Republicans are trying to pull, post Hillary. The election with Hillary was the election of my lifetime as a feminist — it really was. I have always voted the Dem females in — but in 2008 they didn’t support her. Tragic.


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