The Democratic Hillary Clinton Feminist Voter revisits the concept of “Separation of Church and State” in America while looking at Mitt Romney

*NOTE 2015 I have left the Democratic Party.  I will NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton or for Bernie Sanders or anyone else in that party AGAIN unless they reshape themselves.  THERE ARE ETHICS VIOLATIONS as regards BENGHAZI.  VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP in 2016.  I no longer support Jerry Brown, and frankly the Romney’s don’t give a damn about the poor in America.  Now that they made their way out to La Jolla good luck.  Californians are a different breed of neighbor and voter.

First, a little history lesson — so that we can review this concept.  What is most interesting is looking at what happened to the dollar bill in the 1930’s.  And also remembering a childhood in America during the Cold War.  I was there, in a classroom just like that in Pasadena pledging alliegiance.  I value my American flag, too.  I also practice Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In looking at Mitt Romney, and the fact that he is a Mormon — and since I am against things like polygamy — I want to find out more about his religion.  Because, as an American Feminist I see this concept of polygamy entering the American psyche as an onslaught on several fronts.  I see this as Patriarchy taken to an extreme, so Romney’s position on that matters.

Here is Romney giving a speech on Religious Freedom and America:

I liked hearing Romney expound on this, and his Mormonism does not bother me.  As a child I was a Catholic, and I have studied many different religious theories.  To arrive at my own faith.  At this point, though — in American history — I see the country in an immense double bind in terms of religious tentacles rather like the arms of an octopus at cross purposes.  I wonder if Mitt Romney agrees.

Here is Romney’s comment on polygamy — you can click and watch it at CBS News at the link below:

The following news story was quite disturbing to many Americans, especially Feminists like myself.  How would Mitt Romeny address this aspect of Religious Freedom in America and young American girls?

Polygamy in America: inside the FLDS

I think that Mitt Romney should also address this news story.

You know, I was looking at a picture in the web of Mr. Romney’s childhood home in Detroit.  Funny, but, looking at that house made me very nostalgic for an America that I see as vanishing?  Here is the story:

Mitt Romney’s childhood home in Detroit razed

This America is the America of our childhoods?  Hillary Clinton’s, Mitt Romney’s and mine.

This concept of hearth and home, family, and all of the other goodies that make up American life as we have known it or expected it on some level since the 1960’s.  What I want to ask Mr. Romney this morning is what happened?

What has happened to our country economically?

Why was this house left to rot when it is an example of American Architecture?

You know, in the 1970’s when we were all so much younger, these sorts of things mattered.  As familial continuity on our particular shore.

It wasn’t as if all of a sudden there was polygamy to contend with, no?  In our childhoods.

I see the house as a metaphor for something.  All the religious squabbling in the world did nothing for that house, did it?  Its razing is an example of what has gone on in the American psyche over the last several decades.  As for the basic religious principles that our country seems to be founded on, can we still count on them circa 2010?

What about this film tandems the house in the image above?

One of the reasons I intend to vote for Jerry Brown in this upcoming California election is because I think he is concerned with the problems in our state.  He has been for many, many years.  The fact that he and Mr. Romney have different religious traditions doesn’t bother me.  I expect Mr. Romney has come to California, and La Jolla because he intends to do something here.

In the video above, you are seeing a sight that Californians see every day.

At what point will Christian charity kick in, Mr. Romney?

The reason that I am not voting for Meg Whitman is because she squandered so many millions advertising herself, and the reason that I am not voting for Carly Fiorina is because she seems to be infamous for laying off people and shipping jobs overseas. In the last election, after what happened to Hillary Clinton — it is unfortunate that I cannot cast my vote for women in your party.  The women in your party seem to have no sense of the above, image-wise, do they?  In fact, the way the women in the Republican Party have comported themselves in California so far?  They seem decidedly selfish and non-Christian to me.  What might you have to say about that?

When it comes to people on the streets, and houses slated for demolition in this country, Mr. Romney.

I had no trouble deciding to cross over and vote for John McCain in 2008.  I gave it a great deal of thought.  He seemed to have a plan called The Lexington Project.

If I were to do that again, in terms of casting my vote for you?  Because perhaps you seem sane to me?

I sense a sincerity in you that perhaps all of the Californians who once voted for Reagan might have felt?

But, you are going to need to be very, very specific about how you would address not only religion, but poverty in America.  Also, the separation of Church and State, and Feminist issues.  I like the fact that you are not for polygamy.  Given the times.  I like the fact that you are an American and that we grew up in the same basic era in this country.  I like the fact that you seem real, so far.  I like the fact that your mother and her feminist stance was exactly like my own mother’s was.  How refreshing.

I think I need to feel that I can believe in a President again.

I need to believe in the Governor of our state California as well, based on track record.

As an American, I’m tired of political arguments between the parties.  It’s disgusting.

If you think about your old house, your childhood home Mr. Romney — as a metaphor for America — I would like to hear you expound about what you intend to do to restore order here.

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