Feminism in America, 2010 — it matters more now than ever…

Because women are lying to you about what it means.  Political women are doing this.  Let’s go back to the roots of what feminism was about in my generation.  Here is a picture of what it was like for women back then.  Two pictures.

So, you’re thinking — well what does that have to do with me, as a woman?

In 2010, we have several things going on in the world where fundamentalist forces are making that statement about women.  In my generation feminism was all about equality.  We were equal with men.  Trust me, it was not easy getting there, and, I’m not sure we are there, yet, at all.  Okay so?  Let’s look at ads from “now.”

Okay, so — all I can do is tell you what happened to my best friend and I as we were growing up.

We were pretty.  And so, you can imagine the number of men that were coming on to us.  Really.

Feminists had coined a word for that — “Patriarchy” — now, men makes jokes all the time about women, and most of the time they feel like they can have their way with them?  My best friend learned that at fourteen.  We lived in a era of extreme permissiveness in the late 70’s.   Actually maybe it was way more than now?  But, women who are heterosexual are going to go through the same things my best friend and I did.  Believe me.  Especially if you are pretty.  There will be a lot of guys like the guy in the ad at the bottom of the stack of pictures.  Look at the top picture.  Well, we were like that to them.

The Second Wave feminist women had begun to fight a battle for equal rights — for their “little sisters.”

The thing is?  What women go through with men is pretty private.  Most of the time.  Especially if you are heterosexual.  Second Wave feminist women did not want their little sisters to have to go through being like the woman under the zebra rug above.  They knew that women having their own money (by having a job) was going to give them some power.  Well?  I’m pretty sure that the Democratic Party in America coined the concept of “Sisterhood.”

Here’s why!  The Equal Rights Amendment.

Here is what you need to know.

Arguments by ERA opponents such as Phyllis Schlafly, right-wing leader of the Eagle Forum/STOP ERA, played on the same fears that had generated female opposition to woman suffrage. Anti-ERA organizers claimed that the ERA would deny woman�s right to be supported by her husband, privacy rights would be overturned, women would be sent into combat, and abortion rights and homosexual marriages would be upheld. Opponents surfaced from other traditional sectors as well. States�-rights advocates said the ERA was a federal power grab, and business interests such as the insurance industry opposed a measure they believed would cost them money. Opposition to the ERA was also organized by fundamentalist religious groups.

* * *

So, here is the deal.  The fundamentalist right and that woman Phyllis Schlafly above?

She did not want women to have equal rights with men.  At all.  What she wanted was men to be like that picture at the top, or the second picture.  In fact?  Some of the ideas that the fundamentalists have?  Look insane to women of the Democratic Party.

For instance.  They believe that women should not ever have abortions, no matter what.  You need to learn about this.  You really do.  What the FEMINIST SISTERHOOD was about, was women who had more knowledge about men helping their SISTERS younger than them learn about men.

The SISTERHOOD can be seen in this movie.

What you learn in that movie, is that, as a woman you are basically on your own in this world.  You really are, when it comes to men and the relationships you will be having in life.  Also, that THE SISTERHOOD is very important, because it helps to protect you.

I’ve got news for you — look at Palin’s daughter and her boyfriend.  It’s like that.  It is.  To use another example of that in current media you can look at Mel Gibson’s girlfriend right now.  And their baby.

The world that Phyllis Schlafly wanted?  Does not EXIST for women.  It didn’t then, and it rarely does now.

She can argue until she goes to her grave on that one.


The PATRIARCHY has not changed one bit.

People will say to you, “Feminists hate men.”

Nope.  Feminists understand men, and they understand a woman’s role in this life in relation to men.  They have probably learned from experience.  Let me tell you something else.  Women in my generation have seen it all!  And, we have been with all kinds of men.  So we know all about it.  People are going to use the word “Feminazi” — well I had to look that up.

I just started laughing.  Really.  At the guy who coined that word.  Here is his track record with women in terms of WIVES!

My generation knew that men liked to fuck around.

Our fathers had done that to our mothers?

So that is what we are talking about when we use the word PATRIARCHY as feminist women.

Gloria Steinem was my mother’s generation of women in the Second Wave.  You’ll want to read her if you are interested in FEMINISM.  Here is what she said about Limbaugh’s coining the phrase Feminazi:

In an interview, Gloria Steinem characterized Limbaugh’s use of the term “feminazi” as ironic since feminists and other political dissenters were among the victims of Nazi concentration camps and Nazi work camps.[18] According to Steinem, “Hitler came to power against the strong feminist movement in Germany, padlocked the family planning clinics, and declared abortion a crime against the state—all views that more closely resemble Rush Limbaugh’s.”[18] In her book Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Steinem elaborates on the repression of feminism under Hitler, noting that many prominent German feminists like Helene Stöcker, Trude Weiss-Rosmarin and Clara Zetkin were forced to flee Nazi Germany while others were killed in concentration camps.[19]

Main Stream Feminists have argued the term is used as a way to dismiss all feminism and any group run by (or for) women as being extreme. (An example of this can be seen when Rush Limbaugh referred to the National Center for Women and Policing as feminazis – Rush Limbaugh Show (broadcast 22 June 2005).) Many cultural theorists believe the term “feminazi” is one way in which social conservatives attempt to minimize and marginalize the work of liberal feminists. This work includes equal pay laws, sex discrimination and sexual harassment laws, abortion rights, promotion of diversity via affirmative action, and legislation that intends to protect women from violence, much of which is opposed by such conservatives.[20]

Do you know what my generation of feminists has to say to an old, bald fatso like that guy?

You can just imagine.  So, the women I am talking to are going to be HETEROSEXUAL.  That means they are going to be gender identified as girls who like boys.  What feminists are concerned with in 2010?  Is the same stuff they were concerned with in 1960.  It never changes.  There is always some fat old balding fool who never cared about women in the first place, and who wasn’t handsome enough to get the pretty ones — who is trying to impose a SANCTION on the next generation of females.  But when really dumb women who should know better try and do that?  That is a very sad day for the women who are actually smart feminists.

And oh, as for Phyllis Schlafly?  Why don’t you tell us all about how CONSERVATIVE FEMINISM has worked out in terms of his marriages you dummy.  Schlafly has so much explaining to do.  About that top ad, and the bottom ad.  Let’s hear it!

Oh, by the way.  The other day, a friend of mine in here, who was a feminist in the Second Wave had this video up.  Her name is Uppity Woman and you can read her on my blog links.  She is part of my SISTERHOOD CIRCLE!

Well CONSERVATIVES?  How are you feeling about PATRIARCHY now?

Read Uppity on that, but, I had to run the video so you can see, myself.

Republicans put on their best Sexist Pig hat

Posted on September 28, 2010 by Uppity Woman

Yup, this party is an improvement. Oh yeah. You all run right out and vote for these boys, y’ hear?

Umm, hmm…

Looks like somebody from the PATRIARCHY over on the Democratic side had a response…

Stay tuned…


A feminist.

4 thoughts on “Feminism in America, 2010 — it matters more now than ever…

  1. It’s the same old, same old. The men in charge divide the women and thereby conquer the world.
    What does it take to make women understand that we have power if we unite?
    I have a granddaughter now- so I can’t give up the fight- as much as I would like to see the do nothing generation pay in spades for not paying attention.


    1. Hi! Thanks for coming by from Uppity’s! You know, it’s for your grandaughter that I am writing? I have started some novels — last year one called Heart of Clouds and next month in November one called The Seaheart — these are coming of age tales told through the prism of the 70’s for teen girls. It is so much fun writing them. In June when I go back to the Writer’s conference I go to I’m taking both of them. They are sweet and innocent and yet they will tackle the relevant subjects in fiction, plus? Put some depth psychology in there too — from some of the things I saw in the teen population. Our times were easier, Mom! Please feel free to chime in whenever you want to, and thanks for coming by. Also, you are a font of great truths — on the other things we are concerned about. I plan to do a piece on global patriarchy — quite soon. Hugs.

      My character Teenie Alexander. Yep. I started her at age thirteen and a half in Heart of Clouds. It’s just like a Disney film from our childhoods too. She has a first crush on a boy from a distance. By the end of the book they held hands. Uppity would love it! xxoo! She gets the first copies and you too when it comes out as I hope it will.


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