Test. Everybody ignore this post.

This is a test.

NOTE. I edited the words out myself. They posted.

Note from me, I added Uppity as an editor and she helped me behind the scenes.  I’m going to save this post.  I have since deleted her as an editor.  And I thank her very much.  This post is a proof of what happened.

8 thoughts on “Test. Everybody ignore this post.

    1. Thanks Uppity. I love you. I do. As a friend I first met in here, it’s your princlples, Uppity. Thank you. I mean that. I didn’t post what you wrote on purpose!

      Geez. What kind of world are we in Uppity. I trust you and I trust Larry — from the first minute I read the two of you. No kidding.


  1. Ok I did some poking around in your states and saw a blockcgi entry. but I researched it and it’s just websense. So no big deal.

    Anyways, is it possible you forgot to hit save? I do that sometimes. What are the titles of the posts you say are not publishing and are they in the editor? I would like to go in one of them and try to publish it for you.


  2. Ok I’m leaving. Your instructions are to go into drafts and open the post you did today and hit PUBLISH. I won’t do it myself without your permission.

    If it works, then delete this post and the messages in it and remove me as blog editor.


  3. I’m sorry uppity. Hey, I will try again, WTF,

    ps: Can I leave you behind the scenes?
    It makes me feel better. Geez. Thank you.
    What a drag.

    ps: I am going to email you from my real self! You will know it is me.

    I would say THX K BAI

    except I have too much respect for you!
    Uppity thank you.


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