Two posts have been censored.

I’m not clear about word usage and censorship in WordPress.

In the last piece I used two words and discussed the positions the Republican Party is taking on Women’s Rights.  I can see what I wrote as if it published in WordPress and I can see a post number at the top.

The post did not go live into the web, though.

I quoted several papers and the Wikipedia in that piece?  As well as using videos from Youtube.

Since I don’t know why the piece didn’t publish, it is very upsetting to me.

I am against the Republican party’s stance on Roe based on let me spell it differently —


If I can’t use the proper words WordPress?

I don’t know.

Somebody censored what I wrote.  Was it Google?  Was it WordPress?

If you are going to censor based on political writing from the Democratic side of feminist thought?

This is a very sad day indeed.


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