Feminism in America? — First Ladies — a review 2010.

Putting all of them together like this and seeing them is like watching my life flash before my eyes.  Or certain eras in American Politics.  Like Jackie, my mother’s favorite.  Or Lady Bird. In watching it’s interesting to see how the media presentation changed — you can see this in the clip of Mrs. Bush, senior? And then these “stadium-like” conventions. Hillary Clinton had the most poignant speech in 1996, in my opinion.  The kinds of problems she was talking about in that speech are ten times worse in 2010.  How did that happen? What made me think about this was an article in The Telegraph — You can see Jackie Kennedy in her vintage role.  The role for women in the 60’s was like that.  Since the 60’s though, if you think about Feminism in America and these First Ladies and the era we have grown up in?  Since Jackie? Which one do you think cares the most about Women’s Rights in America? For me, that is Hillary Clinton. She speaks for what women in America did in the era post Jackie, and post Civil Rights.  She is also the loudest? Which is a good thing. This was very liberal coming from Laura Bush, and a surprise because one wouldn’t expect this:
I would never vote for Republican women based on their stances in 2010.  It’s possible that Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton represent the era of women who were Feminists. I’m hoping that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2012. I hope that the Democratic Party understands why.
1975 The feminist movie that inspired a generation.  Mine! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com

I revisited my blog post and saw that Hillary’s speech from 1996 WAS GONE! see that grey square above?  Well, let me reinsert that here.  In an era when the web is scrubbed?  Geez.

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