Feminism 2010 in America — looking at stances of Republican Women

First let me introduce to a site called the HERLOCAUST. You’ll want to check out their wall.  Some of the stances that Republican Women have taken regarding Women’s Rights in America are very troublesome to me — as an American and as a Feminist.  Also as a classically trained Depth Psychologist.

Let me show you the videos starting with Sarah Palin:

Sharron Angle:

I have only used two examples, here.  But, what is most curious is their stance on Rape and Incest.  Why?

I want you to watch this video from Herlocaust:

In the tape above you are hearing about incest inside a family system.  Just the thought of it will disgust most normal Americans.  So why is the Republican Party taking this kind of a stance?

One thing that President Obama said in the election was about “bitter people clinging to guns and religion.”  I never forgot that because it wasn’t clear to me what he was referring to.  However, after what these Republican women are saying in terms of abortion rights and even Women’s Rights in this country?  I came across a new concept in America called Dominionism.  Well, it was new to me.  Here is an article on that from Counterpunch. Apparently the Dominionists believe in the Old Testament.  You might want to read this.

It isn’t clear to me why any woman in our day and age could hold thoughts like this about rape and incest.  Unless there is some kind of bizarre religious tenet going on behind the scenes?  Here is a story off the Huffington Post on all of this:

As Palin Goes, So Goes The GOP: Growing Number Of Candidates Oppose Abortion In Cases Of Rape, Incest

While much of the 2010 election is focused on the economy, there’s another issue quietly simmering which underscores a shift in the Republican Party: abortion. Specifically, an increasing number of GOP candidates — especially ones receiving heavy support from the Tea Party movement — not only oppose abortion, but want to bar women who have been victims of rape or incest from having access to the procedure.

Dianne Edmondson of the Republican National Coalition (RNC) for Life told The Huffington Post that there are absolutely more candidates this election cycle opposing abortion without exceptions. Each election cycle, her political action committee, founded by Phyllis Schlafly, submits questionnaires to GOP House candidates about their positions on choice issues and then endorses candidates who advocate a strict no-abortion platform. “I know that we have many more candidates responding to us this year than we did in the last election cycle — probably about three times as many — and I’d say at least half of them do meet that criteria,” she said. “The rest are pro-life to one extent or another.”

The more I thought about this, today, the more I thought about the book by Margaret Atwood and the film “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Now, I have watched some videos on Dominionism over the last few days?  Here in America we have Mandated Reporters, don’t we?  We do.  What is going on in this family system that is a secret?  That’s pretty important to discern.  At first I saw the Tea Party movement as just a political uprising in a way?  But not any more.  Because of these stances coming from the Republican Party.

It’s an American Feminist issue, a moral issue and a medical issue.

Here is the Wikipedia on that:

Incest in the Bible

Here is a video on this for Janet Napolitano, on the concept she mentioned a couple of years ago.  Just as with what Obama said a few years ago, I wasn’t clear on what she meant with that report.  There is something very wrong going on with the stances this party is taking for women.  Please watch the videos below.

It’s for the women and the children.





2 thoughts on “Feminism 2010 in America — looking at stances of Republican Women

    1. Song. That is a riddle. I don’t know the answer. I think hetero women need to band together because this issue is affecting them? The classic Sisterhood is separate. Very polarized times. Very sad, and if all this is contained within “closed” communities? There are such large issues at stake.


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