How to understand Americans in the political landscape of 2010

Everyone in the tail end baby boom watched this show.

And these…

Now the children of that era are trying to run the country.

Can you see the problems?

Especially using the top TV show as a metaphor for the Tea Party.

Well, boys and girls?

Which character is who from that top show?

California Democrats just laugh.

Would you vote for Marcia?

I doubt it.

Me neither.

Voting Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown in this election, and it has nothing to do with Obama, either.  It has to do with keeping California in Democratic hands.  Our state isn’t for sale, contrary to what the Tea Party thinks.



27 thoughts on “How to understand Americans in the political landscape of 2010

    1. Non of them are anti-war, in my opinion. War is what is driving the economy? But, apocalyptic war? Dominionism as war? That is WW3. A Rapture for them? So, this is the Crusades redux. This is a book I’d like to read…

      He was 20 years ahead of his time on that theory.

      If the economy were normal and we hadn’t been sold out? We’d still be a country. That was whole. I don’t think either party cares, Song. That is the sad part. It’s the rich and the very poor.


  1. I am aware of that book from your prior post. Yes no doubt the script is written by the apocalyptic dominionists with the prodding of the neocons. Sleeping humanity. Still as the dollar unwinds well–the Joint Chief of Staff says our debt is the most pressing National Security issue. No money. No continued expansionism. Not much is holding up the dollar globally.
    Yes we have been sold out. I agree. There are great economic battles afoot as the NWO collapses. To root for it’s demise is to root against our own well-being oddly enough. But collapse it must or the darkness we see today will only grow more. Our country. They are robbing us just like they did the 3rd world countries. Desperation has set in among the thieves.


    1. Here is the really sad part to me — this has been done on purpose to our country. I was reading the news about Merkel in Germany — on multiculturalism. I think the world of countries has shifted due to population booms — like the theory in that book. But this economic crisis here? I think that was planned. Maybe NAFTA? I have no respect for American manufacturers who went overseas. I don’t buy anything from them. Not unless I have to. It’s kind of like dominoes to me. One thing causes another thing to tumble. Here cannot be different than the European countries in terms of wanting to preserve nationalism? I see the Tea Party as that, in a way. But, also I see them as something else too, now — that I didn’t see at first. I think we are seeing the states start to split off from each other? Each state being like a European country in a way. They want to preserve themselves, for our way of life? Here is that Merkel piece:

      What is really gruesome to me is that this country has never been so polarized? That I can ever think of. Very difficult. I think many states will vote in Republicans but will that solve anything or just be more arguing? I don’t even want to watch the next two years. I think the country has got to elect some “middle” because that is where most Americans are? They have to try, if possible. And they have got to fix jobs so that they are here, again. They should penalize the ones overseas? It’s indecent what has happened. I see the economy as just like what happened in Germany and Italy, once. To tell you the truth? I think politicians see themselves as celebrities rather than public servants. On Boxer though, I know she is for Women’s Rights. That’s huge — so, that is an issue for me — another very scary thing for me is that some of these people are so damn dumb. Really scary. Hopefully the country does the right thing and goes middle. Where are the grown-ups?


  2. I read that article about Merkel. You see immigration here was not just about cheap labor. It was also about narcotraffic. Narcodollars. In Afghanistan–opium. Then the strategic pipeline that China could build to Iran effectively cutting off the Anglo-American dominance and control of the oil supply which is traded in dollars. But to get back to the narco dollars The money effectively finances legitimate banks and businesses. Well this well goes deep. Very. This drug trade. The Chinese remember well what the Europeans did that caused the Boxer Rebellion.
    Catherine Austin Fitts has written extensively on the subject of narcodollars.
    The politicians aren’t the only dummies. Most Americans are not engaged except by the orchestrated media messengers. You are so right about middle ground. We need more leaders who don’t play to emotions. But the patriarchy feeds off of undifferentiated emotion. Yes I think there will be a Repub wave. And division. To maintain the status quo. A nation in a state of perpetual war.
    The economic problems. Some were planned. Nafta. Glass-steagall. You see a lot of the same players who contributed to the demise of other. Economies. Summers in Japan. Summers in Russia. Again though it is much more complex. Go back to 71. Or 1913. Or 1931 figure out why Truman didn’t disband the Bank of International Settlements that had all that Nazi gold. Ask yoursel why the Federal Reserve was formed and why one of it’s first loans was to England. Is centralization good for the common folk? And why after our dollar went off of the gold stsndard did it survive . What is the value of the dollar now? Are other countries working to derail the dollar?
    You will find that many countries want to be rid of our dollar built on air and military might. The IMF. Done. A billion people work for less than two dollars a day.


  3. I am glad you are voting for Boxer. You in California really need to protect that ocean. And the unicorns!!!!!!! Haha!

    Getting jobs back will be difficult given the global labor available. And getting out of the oil paradigm will be difficult. But we managed to get off of whale oil many moons ago. Seems if I recall it was the navy that did that. Then ecofeminism coupled with panarchy system theory might help us understand the deeper issues we face as a species and how we might approach the new world ahead.


  4. “We will look upon the earth and her sister planets as being with us, not for us. One does not rape a sister.”

    Mary Dalyp


  5. Hope you get my other comment. So. I really wish I had known you earlier. I’ve never called a person a pig. It could have been so useful.



    1. You are very correct in what you told me once about a place I used to comment, until today. I have liked them for three years, through the whole Clinton/Deomcratic Party debacle. I even liked them that day I had to vote for McCain. I felt I was crying alongside Riverdaughter that day. It was that bad. To have to abandon my old political party. But, I really, really wish McCain had been more honest about his political party. Turns out the Republican Party is all about Rape and Incest. Once you start looking.

      Cool article on O’Donnell here:

      Researching the roots of Tea Party thought. McCain was someone I had some respect for. But not anymore.


      1. Don’t give up on your friends Bonnaire. You did what was right at the time. That I know because I followed your posts. But I must now admit? I thought you went overboard with your McCain love. Yep. But. No matter. You get carried away.

        Must be nice. That’s what I remember thinking. You puzzled me. But now I know you need to learn things for yourself. You are stubborn.

        Believe it or not? I am stubborn too. Ok?


      2. I saw the election of Hillary Clinton as the glass ceiling — for women. I saw how Obama was target marketing and I didn’t like it. Today I see the backlash. You know how you said “if it gets really bad” — well you had a point — and a vision far greater than mine. Take a look at what I read this morning:
        I looked up the maps just to see.

        I wish I had investigated what McCain had done when he chose her. I never would have voted for him, Song. Never. Not now that I have seen. What is happening began in AZ, and spread due to the economy. Two years ago I was writing about how Hillary could fix the poverty with the WPA. I thought McCain meant it, when he talked about caring for the country. I looked into all the things like feminism, and so forth — but there was almost nothing to be found out of those women at the time. I just assumed McCain was a better choice after I saw what happened. Well? It’s two years later now. I have lost all respect for him. All respect. This is going to be Civil War redux, by the looks of it. I think I’ll throw up now. I do. The Klown is probably on the map given his area, and he was probably a Republican all along. I don’t think RD was. She was censored in the web. I found that blog when I couldn’t get any lawn signs for Hillary and I loved her voice — it seemed just like mine. She barely writes, now. I feel sorry for Obama — after looking at those maps. Read Uppity today? She has a piece up on a traveling medical tent. That’s how bad it actually is in this country. Without jobs and insurance for people.


      3. O Donnell? Angle? Where do they find these women? I keep waiting for their computer chip implants to malfunction.


  6. Bonnaire. I don’t think the clown is a Repub. I think RD sees that O is like Bush and that the Dems have been taken over. I think they want to send a message to your party to restore the FDR wing. I think O has torn the Dems apart. He has continued Bush policies. He has. Palin is a non starter. She will not be President. She can’t beat Obama. The Tea Party will continue to lose credibility with people like Paul, Palin, O Donnell and Angle at the fore. It is more likely that Petraeus will be the nominee for President than Palin. Arizona didn’t start the ilmmjgration issue. Remember Eisenhower? Reagan? Hell. The Mayflower. The wagon trains west. The Irish potato famine………………… The Bronze age tribes.


  7. I read Hedges. Remember the other night when I told you about the Apostle. Paul? Ah well. I have studied and fought dominionism for over 40 years.



    1. The first time I ever saw that word was a few weeks ago? I have grown up surrounded with tolerance that way? Maybe because of CA and my mom? Probably so. And, my education exposed me to just about everything in terms of belief systems. Unfortunately the people being rounded up by that group are not very educated at all. And that is the scary part because that is what led to fascism in Europe. For all their screaming about socialism it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Weimar redux. Anyway hugs. I feel sick over what is happening in my country. Sick at heart and in my stomach as well.


  8. Dominionism today has it’s roots from the charismatics and pentacostals. These Folk believe what Paul reported in the days of Pentacost. Glossalia, laying on of hands and such. Add then to this Rutger educated C. Wagner and New Apostolic Reformation group as well as the Latter Rain. Btw Bonnaire. Pat Robertson graduated from Yale. And I think Phyllis Schafley graduated from Harvard.
    Dominionism is a new word for old heretical beliefs actually but the root which is that God gave man Dominion is in Genesis in the Old Testament and that is nothing new. The current dominionista? Benjamin Creme would love them. Fertile soil for a staged Maitreya event.



    1. I’m talking about the masses, not the preachers? The masses who sit and pray to a video screen inside a church that looks like a windowless concrete cube? They have probably not been exposed to much? In all those little heartland towns. I think I’m going to write about Armageddon for them. For the hell of it. I have some thoughs that we are already there because of these boxes and technology vs art.

      I looked up Creme, I liked what he said freedom, justice sharing and peace. I feel that way. The imbalance is greed? If God did give man dominion? Man has wrecked the environment, and is destroying the sea and other creatures. Man may have dominion but he has been an ass. In my opinion. I prefer the Gnostics.

      But, I don’t attach myself to any one school of thought, really. For me the essence of god is in things like “anima mundi” that which is alive on the planet.


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