E Pluribus California Democrats just say no to Meg Whitman and others of her ilk…

Your choice.  Are you going to be an American in this election coming up or are you going to settle for the most insane political climate you have ever seen?  And the most SELFISH WOMAN, ever?

Is there some great Democratic middle in American voting consciousness?  I hope so, because as a California native we have bigger fish to fry in terms of what is going on environmentally on this planet.  Our state is known to lead the country in thought.  Because?  We are thinkers.  We see and understand trends.

The Christian Science Monitor has an article about us up today:

A final reason for California’s liberal leanings is the state’s reputation for being at the cutting edge of social trends. It’s America’s end-of-the-rainbow state, which tends to attract spiritual seekers and experimentation, he says

“The kind of people who tend to settle here are more progressive, and more environmental,” says Dash. So far the tea party, which has caused a lot of political upheaval in other states, has not been strong here, he says.

Want to know how I see the Republican candidates?

Miss Piggy.

Meg Whitman has spent millions advertising herself in our state when she hasn’t been a voter or a resident except for her stint on E-Bay.  She lives in Telluride too, no? That’s in Colorado.

You know, out here in California we can’t stand selfish pigs as politicians.  Not when we have so many poor people that could have used some help.  It seems to me that my Democratic leanings come from the notion of Christian Charity.  Or Catholic Charity.

Let’s take a look at SFGATE on Whitman this morning…

According to financial records, the largest donation from Whitman’s tax-exempt family charitable foundation in 2008 – the most recent for which figures are available – went to protect land on the outskirts of Telluride, Colo., where she and her husband own a condo and a ranch.

It was 2007 when Whitman, who was still the CEO of eBay, pledged to chip in $1.15 million from her family charity to a $50 million campaign that kept 572 acres of meadows and wetlands near the resort town from being turned into condos and a golf course.

Whitman and her husband, Griffith Harsh IV, already have theirs in Telluride. Their ski resort condo is valued at $4.8 million, their dude ranch at $18 million and they paid $16 million last year for a spread around a mountain lake that covers 847 acres.

Tax records show the Telluride donation was far and away the charity’s biggest donation in 2008, making up the bulk of the $1.38 million she and her husband gave away.

Her only other major contribution that year was a $200,000 gift to the Environmental Defense Fund for its Center for Rivers and Deltas eco-restoration.

Besides, don’t we need actual EXPERIENCED politicians in charge of things from now on?  I think most Americans don’t want “outsourcers” in our political system, do we?  In the video below you can see California streets.
Well, it turns out that she and Carly Fiorina are just that.
Californians who were for Hillary Clinton are not going to vote for Republican women.  They are not a good fit for our values,.  Period.  For one thing, the Democratic Party has been about helping those less fortunate.  This is a core value to us.  So are Women’s Rights.
Here is all you need to ask yourself as a voter.
How does a person like Meg Whitman who spent $150 million promoting herself live with herself in a spiritual sense?

I mean, she could be off doing fun tycoon stuff…buying up a small town and forcing them to rename it Megtropolis, or overthrowing a tiny Pacific nation, evicting the populace and turning it into a South Seas theme park. But no, she’s going to dedicate her next four years to making Californians’ lives better. She’s a godsend…like Mother Teresa, with a billion bucks in the bank!

How will she turn California around? Well, first of all, St. Meg is spending $150 million of her own money to ensure her election. A small thinker like Mommy T would have squandered that on food and bandages for the poor and crap like that. Or some big-government liberal would have hired 6,000 people to fill potholes or clean up parks or repair schoolrooms. But that’s the socialist New Deal tyranny FDR tried to shove down our throats. We’re not buying it!

To Californians she looks like Miss Piggy.  Come to think of it?  She grew up watching that on TV,  just like the rest of us in her age bracket.

Here is the really sad part.  She doesn’t even see herself as a laughingstock.

In a time when this whole nation is struggling in every single state in America?

Wouldn’t she have been generous instead?

Take a look at what Meg Whitman doesn’t want you to see:

Los Angeles Skid Row

Homelessness in California:

This is the year of PIG POLITICS.

Root out the biggest ones, Americans.  You know what to do.  Vote for the politicians who really care about your own states.  I know Californians will be doing that.  In 2010.

Those of us who voted for Hillary Clinton foresaw many things in terms of poverty in the country.  This is a time in America for FDR and his WPA — just like in the 1930’s.

We knew that back in 2008.

If our state looks like this, yours will soon.  They say as California goes, so goes the nation.




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