TEA PARTY — map and demographics — USA 2010

Nothing like a visual aid in terms of these maps.


Article on how it organizes with a decentralized hive mentality.

In other news a cute ad from Brave News Films:

made by a Californian, you can tell!

We’re California.  And we are the Grizzly Bear State.  Way before the GOP tried to co-opt that term.

Yep.  We are for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer and we don’t support people like Meg.  Never have, never will.

16 thoughts on “TEA PARTY — map and demographics — USA 2010

    1. Talking was great, Song guess what? Oh my G, I put Heart of Clouds in my FB? Today, and this fantastic writer I know loved it like you do! OMG. Today was my lucky day like you can’t believe. I might ask him to edit it? Maybe. Wow, what he said was like what you Said! Whew. When we talk I’ll read it to you. I fell off my chair, just like I did when you said what you said!


  1. Yes!! I promise to call tomorrow so you can read it to me. What he said. This does my soul good that you have received a confirmation. I expect you will receive many more. This news makes me so happy I cannot tell you!!!


    1. Maybe things will be lucky! If so? Yay! and I can host you for something nice. I cannot believe what he said song. OMG. Anyway, boy is he a fab poet and friend of Rodg’s — Joseph. You can read him at “mainbrace” — poems in here. It was such a compliment, like you did? Whew. I can hardly take it in.



      I will call tomorrow give me a time song I have to tell you, but I can’t call right now because he is watching a movie and phone! shoot OSONG WAIT TILL I TELL YOU O SONG SONG SONG SONG!


  2. I called you back today!  Only got to hear a part of your message but WOW this is wonderful news!!!  You have met a twin, editor and artist. It is unbelievable–like fiction


    1. I missed your call. Am in neptunian daze of exhaustion. However so HAPPY and I sent the manuscript. xxoo! Song thank you. Thak you so for being a constant hummingbird and rainbow round here through what Cerena called the darkest period ever in the last two years. Up from here! All upwards. love, A.
      Hope all is well. Soon? I will be able to have guests over to stay. MY FRIENDS! xxoo!


  3. Isn’t that how we started out? You should be happy. Now fly Adrienne.
    I know when you think of me. It is a quantum world! Do call when the book is to be published. May you see hummingbirds and rainbows always.

    Love to you and all who you love.


    1. I could never have come this far sans you. Nor any other heart who ever carried me. But you? Have a place in my heart so deep Song. I shall try and express it one day. There is no way I can ever repay you for what you have been to me, friend.


  4. Once again I have to ask you for a huge favor? The Rumi hands you sent me once. I hunted everywhere for it, everywhere and I can’t find it! Drat. I’m so tired, and only you have mothered me through the exhaustion of the last two years. The most alone years I ever faced in my life. Thank you song. I will call soon, and catch up. So tired.


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