Luna en repose…

“There will always be delightful mysteries in your life”

My fortune cookie had that message inside.

It has been two years since I had a reading with Cerena.  She is someone who is very dear and very deep to me.

The charts are like maps.  She told me that the progressed moon is returning to its home place soon — over the course of the next few years — at any rate.  There are other things.  I told her about last summer and the things that had happened to me by the little house that I wanted so much,  and what I remembered.

Also about Pluto conjunct Venus, which has happened and about the lowness and awfulness that seemed it couldn’t get any worse than it did.  And she told me many things about what is upcoming.

What I have right now is a powerful Neptune trine Moon.

This is “The Seaheart” piece. So the card for all of this is La Sirena who is very much a part of myself and my times in the sea.  Here she reaches for the moon.  Cerena told me that this lunar return is entirely that part of life.  There are other things she said too, that I won’t write down, but that listening will be a great part of all of this — the ears hearing new things.

Moon in the horoscope is related to things maternal — the mother, and how one mother’s oneself.  She told me about my past life this time, and then this one, and why.  So the writing I’m doing is releasing and healing that — and also the wounded feminine for culture.  Here is the best book on all that by a Jungian.

I think I gave my copy away to someone, but there is a story about the man who fishes up a skeleton from the sea.  A beautiful tale.  Also, Tethys figures in at this point in life.  I onc3e wanted a Cheoy Lee named Tethys, as I have wanted many other things in life that I might have had sans ici and Cerena told me all about ici and now I no longer…

(I found the beautiful story by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes courtesy of the web at this fine blog! You must read it, for it is a tale of the archetypes.  It also reminds me of my master’s thesis on the film The Piano.  Funny, these stories are identical in terms of The Green Man. )

Want to be a false version of myself.

You can listen to me here, when I feel at peace and in water, and near water.  It is one of my favorite albums.

2 thoughts on “Luna en repose…

    1. I’m crying. Cerena? What would I ever have done without you? From my first reading, until just this last. Watching you glide from the twinkling ether to the land itself. Also? You are one of the most shining stars in the heavens, you know? For me you have been a constant. Like the Southern Cross? Yes.


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