The Seaheart — novel day 3 — Nanowrimo

my mood this morning — little sleep, it was also election & the fab Jerry won! yay!

Teenie Alexander lives on an island with her father.  Yesterday he made her a hot chocolate and gave her a music box.

*tx notes she is going to be doing a lot of art in this novel.

* a horse like the above is involved

* wildflower fields

* the boy, a sailor

* father fishing, boatyard.

* adventures with dolphins/sailing etc.

waiting to hear back on everything, nervous, but it’s all for sale at this point. Don’t care.

back later! xxoo! need to catch up 3,000 words today, maybe more.  Started off behind but have imagery I need — so doing it visually as well this year.

About at 1600 right now or so.

catch a preview here!

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