The Seaheart — NanNoWriMo 2010 — Day 4 — into the deep allegory

Last night the BEST sunset, ever.  Really a fab one and I wish I’d had a little movie camera.  Instead I drove to my fave beach and just watched and then I went for two hours in a fab jacuzzi and got lobsterized in toto.  These first four days I’m on track but slow.  Dunno.  Discipline!  Today aim for 2000, again tonight.  Need 1,666 per day by the 30th.  Am two days behind at this point.  But no probs — because this am on roll.

Tonight I might go and get one of these?  Most fab after dinner coffee, EVER>!

* have established some art therapy in terms of Teenie.

* brand concept with Teenie’s tools — made USA, also sketchbooks made USA.

* target market to gen-emo — for tx purposes.

Teenie will go and sketch today, also see Cinnabar and a gull.  Poss meet Grail King at the boatyard.

*ecopsych concept address oil in ocean, bullying, not sure what else yet.

xxoo! back laterz.

As for me, need to get out of here so going later to swim and farmers mkt for some of those fab grapes I got last week — the last raspberries and strawberries too.  Calico Squash?  Confetti Squash rather paint em then eat them!  The farmer taught me a trick on the butternut for skin?  Boil first and makes skin easy to peel.  OMEFFG.  How did I not know that?  I love Butternut squash soup doubleplus.

Wish me luck, today.

At night the bowl of stars!  A dome! the sea crashing, top down watching the sky move — same thing with sunset clouds.

Have to think of boy’s name — he is a sailor — small wood boat — the boatyard is too — where the grail mariner works — he will be filling in as Honeygarten in Heart of Clouds.

Allegory is us, ahem.


(It is so much easier this year, wow!)


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