The Seaheart — nano novel day 5! xxoo! — very happy morning writing today!

So, Teenie my Character has met Cinnabar a horse she adores in the meadow.  She is on her way to sketch and encounters Jose who has made her a lovely palm frond hat.  Also, Devlin’s red tail hawk is now one of her totems.  He lives in the Eucalyptus trees near her.


* notes on intervention “heart” as prism, handheart as viewfinder — “seeing through”

*guardian figures in tale so far are Jose (A character very close to the earth from Mexico — Saint Francis figure!

I’m listening to Cooder’s Cuba album and dancing around periodically as I craft the novel.  One of my faves.  Also thinking of Olvera St in LA and the  paper doves I always got there as a child — or the paper flowers.  Once a famous children’s book author did a watercolor for me!  In the book Song of the Swallows.  I have it with me still.  Not a bad way to sign a book, me’thinks.  So beautiful!  This is him!

So I am a bit behind.  But I have major flow so no probs! xxoo!  back laterz.

2 thoughts on “The Seaheart — nano novel day 5! xxoo! — very happy morning writing today!

  1. So you have inside of you another story growing. Mjy comments sparse as of late as I have been fighting a lymph infection–Trying to keep my spirits up and talking to you and reading your first chapters. Well I love the thought of fields of flowers. And you know I love you and your writing more than words can say. Of course St Francis is dear. I always felt close to him and St. Theresa of Avila–well her gusto absolutely irked those who believed that being spiritual meant being all dried up. Hahaha! Not so! I feel better having talked to you!
    See? You’re a magician


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