The Seaheart — novel — NaNoWriMo 2010 — VB-Demoiselle — progress

Musicality beach stroll of Teenie Alexander going through meadow.

Song had wanted me to put myself as adult in here?

well,  I can in this house:

It occurs to me that I am so much like my real family.  I am.  I grew up like these two things above and where I am now has nothing to do with me or how I grew up.  Feeling wistful this am.  About my Uncle Spence and my mom and Cafe Figaro and El Coyote and Barney’s and Schwabs.

Also Griffith Park.

Old bridges in Pasadena.  My grandparent’s house on Palmetto — the four story Craftsman.


Ah well, onwards.  Behind!


Things I love and remember

my mothers friend Patsy — her painted frescoes while bombed her father’s Marshes antique store will wrights stripes, awnings, my little white gloves and hats B – Wilshire the houses in Hwood.  Franklin area apt bldgs 30’s divine french repros tiny sofas the tinkle of glasses toasting mad love

like that.

yes,  like that.

swinging giddily wearing ten cent striped hats, straw multicolored.  My paper lanterns everywhere.  Mes fleurs.

I decided to art direct this story, taking longer.


back laterzzzz

my house at Teenie’s age.  I want it back  I have to walk those rooms  Mine.

4 thoughts on “The Seaheart — novel — NaNoWriMo 2010 — VB-Demoiselle — progress

  1. these videos are fantastic. I took the house tour twice. I was mesmerized! I couldn’t see your childhood home. No friggin’ firefox
    The music makes me want to listen. So much Music I don’t want to hear. It gathers me. Well that’s the best way to say it. I’ve heard so much doncha know. I hear everything. Geez. Hyperauditory. C’est moi. What is this music called?

    Oh Bonnaire. I gave up long ago on fitting in somewhere.


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