The Seaheart notes day seven — tired but plein d’idées…!

My mother’s old friend Patsy Greer came up yesterday for me in terms of this novel.  I think I’ll writer her because she was so wonderful to me as a child.  At my character’s age in this novel in real life.  She lived in a series of houses all over town and she had fabulous style.  Three things I have always had in my life come from her influence.  Chandeliers!  Angels Trumpet Trees and trompe l’oeil painting.

So, in childhood I spent many years in fab hotels.  It was just something we all did, and that is why I love that one so much.  It’s almost a California landmark.  No, it is one.  My grandparents would come down for Christmas and we went out!  I was there many times and in other big famous ones all over California.

Anyway, one summer we rented a house Patsy had in my fav little town!  The kitchen was typically Patsy — she had painted clouds in there — against the faintest blue sky.

Like my grandmother, Patsy loved french antiques and so do I.  But, I like many different things as well.  I grew up surrounded by artists.

I love cup of Gold vine too!  One I lived on Canon Perdido in a very old adobe and there was one…

So, anyway — my thoughts on that healing house high up in Toro Canyon.

When I ran away to the fab old mansion, I was just driving around in the canyon — and I found it!  Cross street is Viola!  Anyway, the fab scientist who built this sublime place — wait til you see it, it was for his wife as a zen retreat but they are splitting or?  He wanted to sell it.

When I saw it?  OMG.  Healing retreat and I know how to landscape it.  I sort of dreamed my way through the whole thing but that is another story.  The scientist and I had a fab conversation.  Anyway — the way it is built is PERFECT! for lectures in ECOPSYCH, but the retreat is a retreat?  Also on same line with upper Pacifica & Vedanta.  HEALING.

My idea was for art/narrative tx, retreat, healing chromatic gardens, and sleeping under stars, healing waterworks features.  I designed the whole thing but — damn.  That sketchbook went the way of all things along with my fabbest pen during that little sojourn.  No probs can redo easily.


great day today — swam, jacuzzi, ate finally — end o’pier — the fab……

novel is slow, but, not worried.  At all.  Crafting themes, doing far more structural design this year & letting the themes percolate up.

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