Seaheart day 9! Flamenco y gitanos del sol…


My mother and her Savanarola chairs. All my life.  After she passed my brother tossed all her things before my eyes.  I’ll never get over it.  Never.

But, it has occurred to me that I can restore all of it.  Because, I know all those antiques by heart — and also?  Fab repros are being made of things and I love that idea, of course because of jobs for people.

Yesterday was a very strange day.  First, I was thinking of Patsy so strongly I went down to see her last house.  My friend Gil lived there with his son.  I met him several years ago because her house was up for sale.  As I walked through it, she was there!  All of her, and all of my moter and all of my own childhood.  Unbelievable.  You must see it, and I will buy it — so Gil can stay there forever.  It is fantastic,  Patsy was influenced by the Dadaists and the Surrealists.  I’m certain.  Her father had some very famous antique stores.  Like my “Uncle Wilson” — at the turn of the cen they were traveling overseas buying wonderful things and riding on camels and so forth! xxoo!

I just grew up around a lot of that?

Like these.

Gil and I had same childhoods.  He is gone!  The house vacant.  I will get it.  For him.  And myself although, since he had to take Patsy to the end as I did my mother — it isn’t really a good idea for him to live there?  Not exactly.  Too sad, and full of Patsy.  What it reminds me of is Bob Gary’s jack London House where I spent so much of my childhood.  I saw in the web that Bob has passed too.  He worked on Star Trek.  Was a dear friend to my mother and my Uncle Spence.  The dearest, ever.

I think he lived near Vermont?  I want to find that house of his and see what is up — also, I thought Rodg might adore staying there as a respite perhaps.  With the ghost of someone entirely fab.  I’d have to find it though?  The address?

He was so wonderful to me as a child.  Oh.  If only I had gone done to see him.  I wanted to so badly to talk about my parents.

This is a piece I wrote for him called “tragedienne.”

He was marvelous to me and he also knew every belly dancer in Los Angeles.  I loved the film West Side Story and once he had that actor living with him when he was going through a phase…

Well Bob and Patsy were entirely alike.  Artists.

Anyway, yesterday I realized that I need to write the novel outside in my sketchbook because I am illustrating it as I go?  So fun! OMG! The Fab!

It really is.  So, When I type in the rest to get the w/c at NaNoWriMo I’m adding to the text?  xxoo!

YAY!  You will see more of all of that as an update tonight!

But, I want the day, the wind the sea the sun the Y the water the clouds the fall leaves the tiny rabbits!

I saw a coyote last night and a falling star last night!


back laterz.



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