Day 10 Seaheart


I found an Islander.

I could live on a boat and leave.




There is a boat, waiting.  Two boats.

Gudgeon takes you out to see, and  Kirby says “good boat for her.”


Marina 1, like when you were fourteen and your grandfather had his out there, Christ-crafted.

26 years stops in a heartbeat, or a decision that you come to about wanting to stay alive.


You’re just looking at the boats when the first drunken sailor lurches sideways into you, drags you to a party

& the gipsy sailor says, Galapagos.

You could go!


It was always you that knew everyone

your face the entree


You walk over to see his, later, and he starts opening up about how miserable it all is


& the face is kind, but you shake your head no.

on the edges of his beamy berth perched sparrow upthrust wing

you will do this by yourself

have the two


tinkly clincks & parties

they’ll say “who is that?”

as you pushcart by with paint supplies

your fenced gate the open ocean.

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