Seaheart 15. Tree of life.

This is so different from last year at Nano.  Last year I was so tense, as I wrote Heart of Clouds.  This is easy and fun and the way a writer should actually work.  I have spent hours down at the harbor, met tons of interesting people, seen old friends.  I’m actually eating, and I feel hungry.  So, better in many ways.  Also, I feel like shopping for some things I love, and I have.

Very rambly.  Very fun.

Have some of these handy for energy.  They are very good.  Delicious.

I’m spending hours in the bubbles at the Y.  It takes hours to warm up, but finally you do and you are.  The stars are bright and clear and the light sharp and defined as only Autumn light is.

What has sustained me is being at Broph’s and having a seafood chefs salad.

The car is in the shop.  Brakes. Tires.  The shop guy says “I kept telling him it’s time for her car to come in.”

Interesting.  I have a zippy electric blue rent a car.

In the driveway are two of my cars I love.  My Jeep Wrangler and my MGA.  The MG has been sitting the entire length of this marriage.  That says something.  The more I talk to old friends in the harbor, the more I realize.

I used to say “we need to reef.”


My words fell on deaf ears.

It was always about butting heads, which I cannot stand.

I bought the most beautiful multicolored seed pearl necklace and a few cosmetic kits.  Going in the Dept. Store was fun.  There are lots of boots this year.  This morning all fogged in.

I will never have a black car again.  The shop said, “would you like us to wash this for you?”

The inside is filled with the things from last summer.  My beach chair and umbrella, dozens of bathing suits, art supplies, beach towels, my novella, my letters with Valdez.  I’ve taken to wearing that old plaid jacket.  Need warmth.  There is an Islander 32 and a trawler.  The trawler is very fun.  Also very romantic.  I really want both.  I do.

The universe seems to be telling me yes, go that direction.  And I want to.  It would be so easy to write down there.  So simple and so calm.

So beautiful.

Plus?  Friends could come and stay.

There are two staterooms on the trawler.  And a bathtub.  A stunning teak galley, huge.  HUGE.  And the top deck!  Totally fab.  So fab.

Life could be easy and sea breeze filled.

And I could be in love, too.

That part would be very easy.

Also, people know me there, and remember me.  Even the waiters do.  They remember my fave things.

The time is coming, soon, when all those thousands and thousands of negatives of me?

Are going to come to light.  In fiction.  When he sees himself, he will cry for what he did to me.

Album I am listening to today.

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