Seaheart 19. the totem and importance…

Yesterday, down in the harbor I was looking for a lucky charm.  I found it in a tiny shop under Broph’s where I got that seed pearl necklace.  A little abalone turtle!  It was Tut, my character in Heart of Clouds.  It’s not quite like the one above, because it is made from abalone — but it has the same string.  These are handmade?  From Hawaii.

Henry, who I know from my time with Valdez lives in Summerland.  He is sort of original Cannery ala Steinbeck.  He is.  He told me a story of shells and I laughed so hard.  Anyway, the gist is that people did not know what shells were?  When his GF was selling little necklaces she was making at the Carp market on Thursday.  If people have no awareness of shells how can they care for the sea?  I’m serious.

In Heart of Clouds I modeled “attachment” and how that might be accomplished via letters.  The necklace above is the sort of thing that can be branded as a Teenie Alexander thing.  Anything I put with my characters is to be made here in America.  In one of the states.  Same for Velvet Babe.

Believe me, I know how much advertisers pay for product placement in films.

Anything associated with my characters must be pure.  Like this:

Notice the glass bottle!  Important.

Because we have to get rid of the plastics.  So, in the interventions I am choosing things on purpose.  Proceeds from all these sales can go to help all kinds of things.  The little necklace I found was only $15.  Really beautiful and hand carved.

So, in the Seaheart we are going to have some things like this too.  Like the little carousel.  They have to be made here.  For jobs for people.  Today is the day I hope I get to meet my editor!  I thought it was yesterday, geez.

Anyway, no problemos.  I’m sure he and I will be on same page about why we are doing all this to help us HERE.

Last summer I had these incredible ideas about field treatment.  In nature.  Basically taking ruffians and giving them JOBS.  Because of where we are going to meet I can show him!  How fab.  Any projects I do will employ that kind of labor.  I want the kids to be taught skills they can use for life.  So?  A stone mason might teach that?  Or other types of carpentry etc. (&c.).

Everyone gets lots of presents too.

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  1. Do you mean don’t come? I just thought about when rereading your comment. Yes I can delay a visit. Not sure yet I could have made it anyway.


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