Seaheart 23. aspects as related to chiron…

The novel I am writing this year is difficult because there is so much history wrapped up in it.  My own, and so forth.  So, if you look into astrology what Chiron has to do with is the wounded healer, healing.  I have a third house Chiron in Acquarius.  My Chiron has a Jupiter Trine, natally — and so these books I am writing — HEART OF CLOUDS, followed by THE SEAHEART and so forth contain a certain alchemy that only a person with a Chiron placement like mine can do.  I can write much easier than I can speak aloud?  I expect that is true for most poets and there is also shyness in the presence of greatness — but I am learning to get over that damn quick.  Because my soul’s path in this lifetime is to affect a rather large healing.  FILM is the only vehicle for that?  It’s true.

My whole masters was on that — film as magic.  My father and stepfather were both filmmakers so I grew up around all of that.  My uncle Spence was a magician up at the Magic Castle in Hollywood when he was a child.  He had a real Magic Lantern, too.  As well as many different cameras and movie cameras.  So did my dad.  My dad went into another direction, though.  The only reason I am releasing my body of work in that direction is for healing purposes and also to make a bunch of money — so I can do good for the world.

Glinda of Oz was my favorite childhood character.  Ever.  From a psychotherapeutic perspective Glinda makes sense of my own childhood and lifetime and what parentification did to that.  Once my astrologer Cerena told me “you have to heal your mother so you can eat.”

Well in this case — HEART OF CLOUDS — my novel addresses the ocean and this problem.

That is not my ego saying that.  It is my heart?  There is only one screenwriter for me on these intervention films and that is Walter HD.  It has to be him, because of who he is as an artist.  Or his heart? Readers of my blog know I am a depth psychologist, practicing ecopsychology or deep ecology.  That is what I am writing, and only somebody like Walter HD who is an adept has the resonance with me in order to perform the work.  I knew it immediately when I met him.  It was like a forcefield?  No kidding.  It was the same with Ken too.  That is why I had such a hard time expressing myself at the time.  Really.  Deep.  This isn’t light stuff I am writing when I am coming from my Pacifica place.  It is to effect a cure.

I had thought Rodg could use a decent job and that he should also meet these two at the Writer’s Conference.  Writer-Writer, but, maybe later.  My literary erotica is going to fund the healing films I need to make for Pacifica.  This is not a problem for me.  It is going to make billions once I brand my character THE VELVET BABE.

Money is nice.   It’s something my father made bazillions on, and so will I.

But?  I want to buy the hotel and give it back to the Writer’s Conference.  I know I can do that.  I’m far more like my Uncle Spence Crilly than I am like my father Bob Vosse.  However, my father raised a ton and so he has shown me how to do that.

I’m over the shyness I had, because the work is more important!  It really is.

HEART OF CLOUDS was written for Walter and for Ken.  It was Ken’s laid back plaid shirts that are what Devlin is wearing.  And it was Walter’s heart that guided me as I wrote the book last year.  It really was.  He is the only person capable of crafting such deep films because of his eye as an artist.  Also the heart of an artist?  So, please take me seriously on all of this.  Very important.

When I wrote interventions from ECOPSYCHOLOGY into the book, it was for that purpose.   It’s about being Glinda for me.  As well as being Robin Hood.  Another favorite childhood character.  I want to help my friends and especially writers I know.

So I was looking at Chiron in my chart and I came up with this:

Aspects to Chiron are subtle because they push us to subtle levels, but Chiron is a knife-like tool you can use to dissect levels of awareness. You can utilize Chiron to sensitize yourself to other dimensions. Transits of Chiron are very critical and are not subtle, which will be discussed in Chapter Twelve. But, the aspects of Chiron to the planets and Nodes are subtle; like the emergence of a new shoot of a plant above a great root system. That shoot has great energy from the massive root system, and as you allow yourself to attune to Chirotic energy and eras, (a life force), it will infuse your system with a wonderful youthfulness, a sense of great hope. The resonation in the mind is also intense; these aspects are probably the key access point to the large field of consciousness presently not being used. We can only begin to imagine at this time the great potential of working with aspects to Chiron. We will not get this level by thinking, however, it only comes by experiencing…

Chiron trine Jupiter activates nearly perfect perceptual skills from birth which will cause early brilliance and artistic success. This native is irresistible and easily finds a niche for successful operation. The world desires this native, but lurking deep within is a great occult comprehension of reality which may or may not manifest. Around the time of Uranus opposite Uranus, a test situation will occur which will decide whether this native will be just wonderful and successful, or whether he or she will suffer in the cauldron of magic to manifest the gift felt deep inside. If this native manifests the high energy of the trine from Jupiter to Chiron, great powers will come from Jupiter through Chiron. Chart 16, a writer/ecologist, has Chiron in the eleventh exact trine Jupiter in the seventh. He is known as one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century. Brooding and brilliant author Arthur Koestler also has Chiron trine Jupiter.

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