Seaheart 24. a certain fondness for thanks, giving, and restoration en generale

Quiet glamour.

I like it that way.  You see, my first degree is a BA in Art History.  And so?  I like old things.  This particular old thing.  It’s one of the most gorgeous old things around and it just happens to be on the most spectacular little beach around too.

Sometimes I drive by it, envisioning it as it might be.

It has two distinct parts.  Craftsman bungalow, and 60’s haute moderne.

No problems.  They juxtapose well under blue roofs.

The construction is better than any one might find anytime soon.

A smallish restoration is all that is needed and order will be attained.  My character The Velvet Babe wants to get it.  For my friends and all those who have been displaced.  There are so many things to love.  One is the tiny swallows nests!  One is the stroll on sand.  One is the train!  One is the utter charm of history that happened here.

A wonderful thing could happen here for displaced writers.  Yep.

Anyway, I know just the gardener to do it all for a sustainable edible landscape.  I see it as being able to run itself and make a profit?  I do.  By keeping prices low.  By keeping things charming.  By keeping things local.

It’s romantic as ever.  Tinkling pianos could play under moonlight.  Locals could be employed.  Roses and wildflowers could be planted, plays could be had — I already art directed part of it…

The Velvet Babe is a Brand! xxoo!




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