Seaheart 25 & a half.

This year, even though I am not having Thanksgiving propre, I have a huge amount to be thankful for.  For one?  My editor.  He is like a gift from the heavens to me.  On many levels, but mostly because since we are the exact same age we have lived the exact same times.

And the quality of his writing.  Whew.

I shall tell you something.  This is the year that I feel my own writing is going to cross over into another territory and it is because of literary companions in here.

Early tools of the writerly trade...

The thing of it is, writers have a pretty solitary world to inhabit.  And so when they meet each other on the page it is a special thing.  We grow up as readers, always — and for us it is about the telling of things.

All writers are different in how they express things.  After something leaves our pens, it takes on its own life in the world.  The writers I admire the most are telling the truth on the page.  The truth isn’t always happy, either, because for a writer it is about mood.  If you are in a mood, you write that way.  It isn’t a thing that can be forced?

Birthing some writing can be very difficult, sometimes.  For me, poems are intensely wrapped in emotion.  I write in free verse for those most of the time.  I wish I could write a sonnet!  It takes so much discipline to learn the forms and then really do that — that people that can, and usually men are best at those, really have my respect.

Last year, on this day I was cooking a small Thanksgiving Dinner for two.  Because all have gone that I used to do it for.  I really wanted children.  I did.  Because without them?  Most of it isn’t terribly fun when it comes to holidays.  He did not.

So, I’m sad.  But not too sad.  my life is about to really change for the better — and all the long years of sadness are shifting as we speak.  I have far more courage than I have ever had this year.

It’s the editor.

He’s huge in that.

So was Susannah Indigo, for me — as I began to really write seriously in 2001.  After Valdez had passed, I crafted a serialized work for her.  When I first saw myself in print?  It was something.  It really was.  I am very indebted to both and for publishing me, and especially to Bob Buckley — who was a really fab editor and journo.  Bob taught me to write dialogue!

When I was little we were all reading The Hobbit and I taught myself those runes!  A bit like the Cuneiform from Sumeria above — which is very, very early for scribes.

In the Codex above, you can see all the various world languages and symbol systems.  This is the book that my character Tut, gave to Teenie Alexander.

The book that Tut’s grandfather had entrusted to him contained every language in the world.  Do you think that any human beings on the planet have emotions that are different from your own?  No, they don’t.

In each language all over the world, a scribe has been responsible for laying something out in symbol systems that are their own.

I shall show you!

I am thankful today like this:

and this:

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