Seaheart 27. christmas is coming…

I love Christmas.

I do.

I love getting a tree, and I have ornaments from Christmases past.

I was out looking at things, and Christmas was up almost in November around here.  Before Thanksgiving, what a drag.

Going up to Fig, maybe to get cones — and baking cookies.

Saw the most exquiste little ornaments up at the Sarada Convent bookstore and I may go to the Mission to see what they have too.  Mostly just to look.  I drove by there last night, and crossed myself.  They always do a creche with real lambs.

Other than that, quiet.  Wish I was up in Big Sur.  I do.  I could be.

One thing I am going to do this year is make a tree from bare branches, besides the real Christmas tree.  I’m having two! xxoo!

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