Twas you

Twas in the sea I saw your face

And on the clouds that floated near

Twas you that proffered such embrace

And then my heart skipped clear

Twas you who rode the galleons deep

And drew the steeds on high

Where from the shore I tossed my line,

Into the plume-filled sky

Twas you I reeled inside my heart

O creature of the deep

And in your depths I swam at last

With plaintive cries unique

Twas of your charm, I cried aloud

Though none but you could hear

My heart free-floated like a cloud

Inside your atmosphere

Twas you that made me turn to rhyme

To best express a smile

In gratitude, my dearest, dear

Twas you and all your wiles

For you I’ll write a sonnet, dear

It shall most surely take a while

For your language has such skilled command

I’d chance it for one smile.

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