love, like clouds

love, like clouds


new weather forms at first

one heart speaking of mist

into the others reply

a deep and scudding sigh,

or a surface scurried over



a thing that banks on high in puffs

or tumbles sweet like rain,

stratus of fog veiling clean intent,

all snug

such fathomed surety

in the eye of the sunset looking down


to know inside another heart?

look out o’er billowing forms

look up and the sky bursts forth

in weathers of the wind’s glanced light

he’ll be

or in the moon all ringed

is she,

their pearly atmospheres on high


what tumult there

in lifted light

their forms of mood endure

a winged world, aloft in which

plumed pens can veer, and twirl

and must describe

but never know

that scented sphere

that lives


in memories alone

when skin revealed by touch

all moods within their shifting sky

that parted blue

and parted pearl

that flushed to pink

and then to rose

that rambled gold

in dropping dew

that sped o’er landscapes

when all was new


or formed a nightscape sure as hell

where the hurricane

tore from their forms

that thing that makes us now



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