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I have been writing a new treatment paradigm for work that therapists might do in the web to reach the generation of EMO children.  I’m going to show you a video on cutting, because I want you to look at this through the lens of Depth Psychology with me.  What you are seeing is extreme psychic pain.

Therapists know that self-harm like this is a way of releasing EMOTIONS that are trapped inside a person.

When I watched the video I saw certain words hop off the page.




There must be other words that EMO children feel are trapped inside them?

Those are the WORDS that need to come out, okay?

It’s the same thing I was talking about yesterday when I was talking about ART THERAPY!

I want to tell you a story about a lady I worked with one time, because when she was little she was EMO.  She told me that she had a special little box that she carried around for this same thing full of her tools.  It totally surprised me — because I had never known anybody like her when I was growing up.  Anyway, her story reminded me so much of this video above.

I am doing a really big research project right now on EMO people.

Here is what I think.

I think EMO people are like the poets and artists of the world?

Only, they are using their bodies when they want to say something?  And it is hurting them.

I want to give you a free tool in the web that you can set up for yourself if you want to be part of this project.

What you can do is set up a blog in by using the theme called Vigilance.  It’s the same one I use.  Pick out a name for your blog and choose a gravatar for yourself.  You don’t have to identify yourself at all, okay?

Here is what this project is about.  Instead of cutting yourself to let those words out?

You are going to let all those feelings out on the pages of your blog!  By using ART and WORDS.

How you do this is totally up to you?

But if you want you can come by my blog and say Hi!  Because everybody that uses a blog is in a big safe circle of people.

That is my real face that you see.

Almost all of the ART I have seen EMO people do has a big picture of a broken heart attached to it.  So, if you started to talk about that broken heart what would it look like could you draw a picture of it?

If that heart was going to scream out something, what would it say?

The name of my project is called “THE ALCHEMY PROJECT” and you can see it at this link!

So, you could put a tag in your blog called EMO ALCHEMY — if you use that word I can see in the tags!  Because Google is very fab that way for searching.  So is FIREFOX and MOZILLA.  Those are the tools I use!

I want you to know something.  You are not alone.  It breaks my heart to see a picture of what you are going through, okay?  You are in PAIN and we are going to start making that stop right now, all over the world!

I just watched this video, from overseas.

One of my greatest teachers was a man from Europe named Carl Jung.  He wrote something called THE RED BOOK.  In the book he used drawings and words to explain what was going on inside him.  So you can just think of your blog like it is a RED BOOK.  Like the one he made.

Because of Carl Jung, I am calling my book THE BOOK OF HEARTS.

What the book is about is all of the hearts of people who are in pain all over the world.  That is why I am calling it THE ALCHEMY PROJECT.  The people who call themselves EMO are the hearts on the pages of this book.  The blogs that get made for this project each represent ONE HEART of a person.  The person who is illustrating and writing in the blog.

Because, I can see the EMO HEART.

So, I want to show you mine, back!  it looks like this!

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