Ecopsychology *notes, tx planner assessment of cognition, pre-scripted games

Okay, so we had been talking about assessment of cognition, Robert Sardello’s thesis that pre-scripted games might cause sociopathy and my own ideas about Piaget, child development, the imaginal and potential for a new tx paradigm for work in the web by using blogs as a new tx modality.

I just read the piece off the NYT on Loughner this morning.

He played prescripted games.  Read the article in full and you can get a sense of that and which one.  There were probably others.

We had narrowed the genogram to these years:


When a child is developing “logos” during the imaginal period it is almost by experimenting?  I had given an illustration of an aquarium full of fish as an example — so, I found a good video the other day that gives a pretty good visual on what the “heads” look like if “logos” is not present?


So what we can do is look into the art of the era by looking at the music and the imagery especially at the top link above.  Art represents the unconscious?  What is interesting in that video is the collective “aquarium heads” — I was looking at a video the other day in terms of thinking up a “cure” for the fragmentation?  Here is that video:

Let’s think about these two videos for a moment in terms of cognition overall because they have a great deal in common.  Imagine what is in the aquariums in the first one?  As a cognitive “field” that looks like the second video?  So, there are all kinds of things in the “mind” but?  How do these connect in terms of “logos” or logic?  They don’t.  When I had talked about the brain as a sieve — imagine all of these things being in the mind?  Images, animations, “part-objects.”

Remember during the election what happened with the logo?

So, what I noticed as a therapist looking at that phenomenon was the extreme attachment to it in this generation?  In itself it was like a part object and easily recognizable?  This is what happened with that.

It’s important to understand “how” that worked?  Because it works with this population.

So, tracking of “objects” would be one of the first things to build into a tx planner.  Here is something that worked inside video games for Obama’s marketing.

I see a way that video games might be used as a way to rebuild “logos” in a generation that missed Piaget’s imaginal period?  What this would do is “link” the fragmented objects?  In much the same way that the child I discussed here learned to differentiate FISH in the ages 0-9.

Still thinking of how this might be accomplished.  What is so perfect in the music video above about the aquariums is that, by the end of it — we see the “aliveness” — as the ambulance taking them to the ocean.  Jung felt that the ocean represented the collective “consciousness” in toto.

So, think of those aquariums that you see as being in need of a reconfiguring of the depths?






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