Ecopsychology *notes, interventions, Art & Narrative — THE ALCHEMY PROJECT

So, in doing research into “language” and cognition in the generation we have been looking into in this genogram timeline:


In looking at The Urban Dictionary in the web…

We can see how language has been reduced to a series of emoticons.  George Orwell had a theory about Newspeak — and these emoticons certainly look like that.

Let’s look at some of them…

Let’s narrow that genogram further now — to an age bracket where these more complex new emoticons may be in usage?


I’m looking at that range of time because of the ages depicted in the video at the link above.

Let’s watch this video again — to see the “aquarium heads” — but let’s think about this in terms of not having individuation?  So, what does it mean if you have a very large generation who cannot use or understand language to express feelings?  We want to couple that with the meds that have been prescribed to this generation.

A first intervention would be to draw a self-portrait.

The self-portrait can be anything?  But I found this one, because the emo generation is very concerned with hearts.

You could use a drawing like this as a starting point?  Put your self-portrait inside the hands?

You could use a pencil or crayons to draw that — then scan it in.

I looked at the Urban Dictionary for this.

If you were to draw an emo flower inside the self-portrait?

What would you write?

In the intervention we are concerned with language to describe feeling states.  It may be possible that the feeling states have been medicated out in this generation and so there is not cognition of those.

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