Ecopsychology — *notes tx planner Empathy, Virtual World and Real World — logos, cognition, mirroring, genogram

I watched a little video this morning on the Empathic Civilisation and it really fits with what we have been discussing in terms of the genogram we have been looking into.  It’s really worth a watch…

Let’s look at the genogram timeline again here, because we want to figure out the intersection of the virtual and the real in terms of what is what and who is where along the timeline:



We had been talking about Piaget and the development of the imaginal in the ages birth to age 9, that leads to the “depressive position” which is responsible for EMPATHY in human beings.

In 1975 the world did not have twinned reality systems as it does now.

One thing we can know is that pre-1995 the world was not so focused on “security” in terms of self and other, because there was more interconnectedness between self and other, as the human species.  I looked in Wikipedia for Virtual World, and then Real World. It’s interesting to look at what those two things are, as represented.

Ecopsychology is concerned with the Natural World.

The Natural World is actually The Real World.

If we think about language, semantics and emoticons as we had been discussing, I like to look at contemporary music along the genogram timeline for imagery that is depicting the collective unconscious of an era.  For instance — here is one on the word “empathy.”

This next video is just spectacular in terms of the way the artist has rendered the human/virtual in the era we have been looking into in the genogram post-1995.

An article on Ecopsychology this morning from Countercurrents.

On a last note, this video…




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