“what if you just ran?” — a poem

what if you just ran?

into the hot heart of the evening’s hiss

not looking back for the promised bliss

nor caring much

for things you’d miss

if you ran where the sea could take you, summery

wash clean the leaden lie you’d lived?

what if you got your courage up at last?

raised it like a colorful flag

went dashing towards an unknown grove

among the olives there, you’d rove

brightly clothed in strumming hues

if you ran from the icy grip of death

whose saturnian fingers strangled hope

and crushed your spirit every morn

with measured spoons of emptiness

if you loosed the guise of this control

what if you ran into a world of yes?

instead of no, at every turn?

what if there was a graceful way to say goodbye?

to all the things transpired, unfair

the things he squelched in you at every yearning?

his bitter face of mean regret

his icy eyes and clouded rings

what if you ran and could open a window, sighing?

the clean pure air of the future, flying

wings sprouting at your silver sandals as you fled?

what if you scrubbed your history clean

like the moon’s young wantings, waxing

if you eliminated all things taxing?

that he never really loved you is the hardest to bear

after you’d given your time, your years, your care

in Saturn’s deadly realm

the years you gave away your helm


your world of painted prisms remains

your world of words in soft-tongued whirls

your hatted embrace, your sea-washed pearls

all things he coveted once,  remain of you

and always will

you never wished ill

on any human thing, nor any man

even he, who’d trapped you with a ring


(your mother’s voice in soft refrain says not to let that happen again)


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