one or two things artists usually need…

1. Space

2. Food

3. Time

4. Like-minded others, about

I was really fortunate in childhood to have a mother who had escaped into a kind of bohemianism at an early age.  She did that because she didn’t like her own mother’s life, at all.  Often she would tell me how much my grandmother had given up of herself.

I had a very free childhood, and was encouraged by the sorts of people who were her friends.

“You can do anything with your hands,” is what she would tell me, constantly.

Anyway last night I watched that Julia Child movie that came out — but this is the Julia I remember of my mother’s:

She had her books, and her pans — but she never really cooked anything because we ate in restaurants.  She told me that her mother had been entirely cruel to her when she was a teenage girl.  She was very tall, and my grandmother was always telling her about her mistakes, and to get out of the kitchen.

I recall my grandmother saying to me once, “Well, I always had help.”

She did, because in that era women did, and so did my mother, when my brother and I were little.

I used to look at their books, as I was growing up, and this morning I remember her so strongly.  I really do.

Anyway, I became the cook.

Sometimes it is really hard for me to eat anything.  I can be incredibly inspired, but?  I do not always follow through and part of this is the atmosphere here.  I remodeled the kitchen and it’s funny but, I’d rather cook elsewhere.

I might.

I keep looking at images of places and things I love.  And food I would like.  Like this:

or this:

I feel stifled by this environment I’m in.  It has been many, many years of that.

Anyway, most artists face a blank page before they are able to create anything.  It’s always like that.

And the artistic process can be seen here below.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a painting or a book that you are writing, it is usually the same!

My mother loved Picasso…

You have to be selfish if you are an artist?

For yourself.

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